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Irish Government waiting orders from Berlin

category national | eu | press release author Thursday May 10, 2012 16:34author by Eugene Mc Cartan - Communist Party of Irelandauthor email cpoi at eircom dot netauthor address James Connolly House, 43 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2author phone 087 9733414 Report this post to the editors

The suspension of the German government’s ratification of the permanent austerity treaty and the ESM treaty must send a strong warning signal to the Irish people that these two treaties pose a serious threat to their livelihood and to what little remains of their democracy and sovereignty.


10th May

Waiting for orders from Berlin

The suspension of the German government’s ratification of the permanent austerity treaty and the ESM treaty must send a strong warning signal to the Irish people that these two treaties pose a serious threat to their livelihood and to what little remains of their democracy and sovereignty.

There is growing opposition throughout the European Union by working people, who sick of endless cuts with little if any prospect of relief any time soon from this crisis of the system. It is clear what has been presented as a solution to the debt crisis is not compatible with needs of people as it redistributes wealth from the people to finance capital.

The Government’s continued strategy of pushing ahead with ratifying both treaties is tantamount to asking the Irish people to buy a pig in a poke. They are obviously waiting for word from Berlin on what to do next.

We need to end this charade of a referendum and call a halt to the ratification process. The people of the EU countries are demanding change. Three governments have already gone—Slovakia, Greece, and France—and the Czech government is almost certain to fall on Friday (11 May). This is the same fate that awaits Ireland’s ramshackle coalition government. Statement ends.

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author by pat cpublication date Thu May 10, 2012 17:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is a government of traitors. What bothers me is that FG/LP won't even try to renegotiate the agreement. On Vincent Browne las t night it was the worse ever.

Lucy Cretin comes across as a pod person or a Quisling. They won't even try to get better terms, they don't want a renegotiation. What was it Gilmore said about economic treason? This is is actual treason.

FG/LP are the European Commission Occupation Government - ECOG.

author by puzzledpublication date Fri May 11, 2012 03:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

the eu give a so called "bailout" to banks
the money disappears somewhere and is never seen again
They still won't loan the money into the economy
we the serfs then have to pay it back to the EU

who is this merry go round benefitting?
and where does all this bailout money go if it's not being loaned out into the economy?
nobody's really chasing that angle up enough.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Fri May 11, 2012 06:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

..and plenty chasing the Angela scapegoat(or stalking horse)...

Try http://www.treasureislands.org ..and ask Easons have they a copy of the book 'Treasure Islands' by Nicholas Shaxson.

He maps the offshore troves of the global pirates looting the planet for at least the last half millennium of European colonial gluttony.

And then there is always the great black hole of war itself, and its tributary industries so essential to 'national security'.

Basically the conomic model we follow is the economics of plunder, as a cursory assessment of the environmental degradation and ethnic eradications accompanying our western civilisation's(no laughing please) 'progress' testify.

author by John Cornfordpublication date Fri May 11, 2012 23:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

An analysis of election results in France, Germany and Italy. Full article at url below.

It is no exaggeration to say that May 6 turned out to be Black Sunday for the architects of austerity. Parliamentary and presidential elections in Greece and France - even to some extent the local elections in Italy - saw a decisive rejection of deficit reduction, ‘fiscal consolidation’, ‘book-balancing’ and all the rest of the crap we have endlessly heard from the capitalist automatons. Any idea of a popular consensus or mandate for the cuts assault has been blown away and now the bourgeoisie will find it a lot harder to rule over us in the old way.

Critically, the election results represented a collective - and contemptuous - repudiation of the European Union fiscal pact so ardently championed by the Angela Merkel administration, the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy (albeit an initially reluctant convert), and the fiscal ‘hawks’ within the European Union bureaucracy. A compact that, in theory, institutionalises austerity economics in perpetuity: you can vote for who you like, but you will always get the same polices.

But that was challenged in France, when François Hollande (supposedly Mr Normal) became the first Socialist Party president in 20 years after winning the run-off with 51.63% of the vote. Legislative elections, which are expected to produce an SP-led government, will take place in June. Hollande, of course, has promised to “rewrite” or “renegotiate” the fiscal pact - his central campaign pledge. A call to arms against the Fiskalpakt and the ‘Merkozy’ alliance. “Austerity is no longer inevitable,” he declared, and his “mission” is to “give to European construction the dream of growth”. Merkel congratulated Hollande on his victory and said she looked forward to doing business with him - no doubt. But she has also adamantly insisted that the fiscal pact is “not negotiable” - whether in Greece, France or any of the other euro zone countries. The pact has been signed by the 25 governmental leaders and that is that. Just obey.

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author by gold standardpublication date Sat May 12, 2012 13:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Has any political party in ireland the courage to point out that the Euro is at the root cause of the Problem. Propping up this experimental currency simply hasnt worked. How much more public monies are put into propping up this currency and cutbacks in services are we expected to bear before they admit the Euro has been a disaster.

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