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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Emergency Make Abortion Accessible Rally

category dublin | gender and sexuality | event notice author Monday July 08, 2013 20:14author by Turing - Action On X. Report this post to the editors

The Abortion Bill will be voted on by TDs on Wednesday 10th of July. Anti-Choice groups are really turning up the pressure on Fine Gael on the back of their large so called "Rally for Life" on Saturday. Minister for Health, James O'Reilly, has indicated that he will try to put a late amendment to the Bill that put even more obstacles in the way of women having access to abortion than the current legal situation.

Protest at Dail 6pm Wednesday 10 July.

The Abortion Bill will be voted on by TDs on Wednesday 10th of July. Anti-Choice groups are really turning up the pressure on Fine Gael on the back of their large so called "Rally for Life" on Saturday. Minister for Health, James O'Reilly, has indicated that he will try to put a late amendment to the Bill that put even more obstacles in the way of women having access to abortion than the current legal situation

This cannot be allowed to happen.

It's 21 years since the X Case, when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal if pregnancy poses a risk to a woman's life – including by suicide. Despite the death of Savita Halappanavar, some TDs want restrictions that make abortion inaccessible.

We demand legislation that gives access to abortion. It must include:
• The risk of suicide as grounds for abortion

• No more than two medical practitioners' opinions to approve an abortion

• State-wide access

• Access to abortion if a foetus has a fatal abnormality and cannot survive

• Decriminalisation of abortion

A vocal minority of TDs and Senators want restrictions that would cause doctors to delay performing abortions - and increase the risk to women's lives. The majority of people support abortion to protect women's lives – the Dáil must act for them.

Demand legislation that makes abortion accessible

Related Link: https://www.facebook.com/actiononx2012
author by Saoirsepublication date Tue Jul 09, 2013 02:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ignoring that the X case is outdated and Miss x wouldn't even vote for it lets have a referendum

author by W. Finnertypublication date Tue Jul 09, 2013 15:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Reply to "Saoirse" at Tue Jul 09, 2013 02:18 ...

Though my particular set of reasons probably differ very greatly (in some respects at least?) from yours, I nevertheless 100% support your belief that we should have a REFERENDUM on this recently produced "ABORTION" legislation bill, which might soon become "law" in the Republic of Ireland: depending on how well, or how badly, "the people" of the Republic of Ireland "play their (legal) cards" in the coming hours, days, and weeks.

Allowing for the "Doctrine of the Tripartite Separation of Powers of Government", which is deeply embedded in Bunreacht na hEireann (and which for those who might not know is the CONSTITUTION, and as such the SUPREME LAW of the Republic of Ireland), it is my very firm belief that the Judicial Branch of our Government has a LEGAL DUTY to point out, in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, to the other two main branches (i.e. the Executive and the Legislative) of our Government that, under the very clear and straightforward terms of Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann, "the people" -- or in other words, and more specifically, all of the members of "the general public" who are legally entitled to vote in the Republic of Ireland, have the collective legal right to have the "FINAL" say on whether, or not, this HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL piece of proposed legislation becomes law in the Republic of Ireland.

For reasons that to a large extent remain a deeply baffling and extremely disturbing mystery (of sorts) to me, the Judicial Branch of the Republic of Ireland's Government has, in the past, frequently proved itself to be surprisingly inhibited -- in a highly selective way which almost invariably appears (to me) to be heavily skewed in favour of the banksters and away from "the people" -- regarding the CORE social-issue of supporting "the government of the people, by the people, for the people" REPUBLICAN LEGAL PRINCIPLE, often associated with ancient Athens (circa 250 BC) and more recently (in the mid 1800s AD) with US President Abraham Lincoln: a REPUBLICAN LEGAL PRINCIPLE which is ALSO very deeply embedded in Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann.

As a direct consequence of this socially extremely expensive "skewing away from the "common good" of "the people" towards the "common good of the banksters", we now have, for the most part, a "government of the banksters, by the banksters, for the banksters", which is providing a "political and legal environment" that has little or no form of meaningful relationship with Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann. Not good!!

When, for example, I tried to raise the issue of UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION in connection with plans to locate two huge rubbish dumps (close to my retirement home) on one of the East Galway sections of the Esker Riada, the naturally formed 10,000 year old ancient roadway -- which is festooned on all sides with man-made ancient heritage sites that are in some local instances believed to date back to 5,000 BC -- and which in addition to linking Galway Bay to Dublin Bay also transects the River Shannon at Clonmacnoise (the ancient Celtic Christian Monastery/University founded in 546 AD), I ended up having to deal with THREE MAJOR ATTEMPTS (to date) to criminalise me: all three of which have thankfully failed completely so far.

The first two of the criminalisation attempts in question came from the Government of the Republic of Ireland, and the third from the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (in 2008), during a period when I lived in forced-exile near Omagh in Northern Ireland -- unable to get ANY legal representation, either in Northern Ireland or in the Republic of Ireland, of the kind which recognises my legal rights, under national and international law based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 -- for a continuous period of approximately four and a half years. (To this day, I still cannot find ANY legal representation -- ANYWHERE -- which recognises my legal rights under human rights law in practical ways of the kind which defend and protect such rights.)

Related Registered Letter Dated February 21st 2004:
(Kilconnell Super-Dump "An Board Pleanala Appeal" sent to Catherine Nolan, Board Pleanala, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.)

Some readers may wish to note that my formal appeal to An Board Pleanala at the www address immediately above was COMPLETELY IGNORED by An Board Pleanala (in so far as I am aware). It is most certainly the case that the heavily bankster-backed "Celtic Waste/Greenstar Super-Dump" at Kilconnell, which my An Board Pleanala Appeal dated February 21st 2004 was all centred on, went ahead and is fully operational at the present time: albeit STILL in a highly controversial way (I understand) as far as several of the local East Galway residents who live VERY close to it are concerned.

Related E-mail dated July 4th 2013 to Chief Justice Susan Denham titled "Government Accountability":

Related www Link #1:
"Chief Justice Denham, THE BIG WORRY, Obama Administration, TOTALITARIANISM, FASCISM, IMPUNITY, Human Rights Ireland, Constitutionalism ...

Related www Link #2:
"Esker Riada, Clonmacnoise, Celtic Christian Monks, Ceile De, Partners of God, Human Rights Ireland ..."

Related www Link #3:
Saoirse Ó hÉagóir Do Gach Duine (FREEDOM From INJUSTICE For EVERYBODY) ...

author by W. Finnertypublication date Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

'In the past Mr Reilly (Minister for Health James Reilly TD) has commented on the hypothetical situation where one of the named "appropriate institutions" refused to comply with the (Protection of Life During Pregnancy) act.'

'Speaking in June, he said: "All institutions mentioned (in the legislation) are funded by the taxpayer. We could not have a situation where a service funded by the taxpayer could deprive a citizen of their rights".'

The above excerpts have come from:
"Mater board member says hospital cannot carry out abortions because of its ethos"
(Updated: 19:19, Wednesday, 07 August 2013)

All three of the main branches of the Republic of Ireland's Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), including Minister for Health Dr James Reilly TD, are also "funded by the taxpayer"; and, in connection with Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann (the SUPREME LAW HEART of the Republic of Ireland's Constitution), and this new piece of "Protection" legislation -- and several other highly controversial pieces of legislation including some very "pro-fascist bankster bailout" items of Republic of Ireland legislation of recent years -- they appear to have no difficulty at all in depriving "the people" (i.e. "citizens") of the Republic of Ireland of the right to have the "FINAL" say in such highly contentious matters.

Related e-mail #1:
"USURPING the right of "the people" to have the "final" say is totally REPUGNANT to our Constitution ..."

As can be seen at the www address just above, the e-mail in question (dated August 4th 2013) was copied to Republic of Ireland Health Minister Dr. James Reilly TD, and to a number of other Republic of Ireland Government Cabinet Ministers.

Neither does Minister for Health Dr James Reilly TD appear to have any difficulty at all in completely ignoring the entire contents of the letters I sent to him (and to two other Republic of Ireland senior medical doctors "funded by the taxpayers") through the registered post on May 28th 2013. A scanned copy of my May 28th 2013 letter to him can be viewed at:
"Request to re-schedule appointment ..."

As can be seen via the www address just above the letter was one of a set of three, and -- to date -- I have not received any acknowledgement of receipt of any kind from any of the three senior medical doctors concerned for these three letters. To add to the difficulty, members of my family have been informed by a former member of East Galway Hospital Consultant Dr Anne Jeffers's Team that Dr Jeffers resigned about two weeks after I sent the set of three registered letters dated May 28th 2013. I am unable to find any independent information (using Google searches) to support this resignation report, and consequently there are a number of doubts in my mind relating to it.

Google Search titled "Galway Hospital Consultant Dr Anne Jeffers has resigned ...": http://tinyurl.com/nxd5fd3

Related e-mail #2:
'A very BIG QUESTION for "The People" of Ireland ...'

Related Link:
"Health Minister Dr James Reilly TD, government corruption, crime, cover ups, impunity, Human Rights Ireland, William Finnerty ..."

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