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The Saker
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Public Inquiry
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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Spirit of Contradiction

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Smothered Greyhounds found dead.- U bet-They die.

category international | animal rights | opinion/analysis author Thursday October 30, 2014 09:37author by bernie wright - alliance for animal rights/AFARauthor email bigbrownrat at gmail dot comauthor address AFAR, PO Box 4734. Dublin 1author phone +353872651720 Report this post to the editors


Smothered Greyhounds found dead.- U bet-They die.

The Alliance for Animal Rights (AFAR) wholeheartedly condemns the suffering inflicted on the eleven greyhounds found smothered on Monday on exiting the Irish ferries vessel in France.
As this news comes in the midst of a greyhound Racing crisis in Ireland we hope firstly that no more Greyhounds will suffer at the hands of the Greyhound Industry.
IGB are responsible for so much suffering.
IGB are responsible for so much suffering.

Smothered Greyhounds found dead.- U bet-They die.

These gentle dogs have been long- abused by those who exploit them for profit and death and suffering is a regular occurrence in this sick industry. Dogs in Ireland who have become unprofitable have been found shot, mutilated, drowned, drugged burned, used for vivisection and now smothered by members of the racing industry.
If Bord nag Con is so horrified over the current deaths why not refuse the millions of taxpayers money allocated to them for survival of this cruel business and donate it towards Greyhound Rescue. Empty words as usual from those who always seem to elude prosecution for any offences committed against gentle ex-racing dogs.
We in AFAR call for an end to Greyhound Racing, the rapid decline in this industry due to lack of demand, bad management and bad practices is not fast enough for people who want to stop animal suffering.

New site under construction, a work in progress-

Bernie Wright
Press officer AFAR. 0872651720

ONE ASKS THE QUESTIONS WERE THESE DOGS SUFFERING FOR HOURS? DID THEY DIE ON TOP OF EACH OTHER GASPING FOR BREATH? Was this a better death than hanging as is the routine in spain?? will anyone pay!!!!! only sure thing is-u bet they die.........

Related Link: http://animalcrimesregister-org.webs.com/dogs-greyhounds
author by Details from another account. - Greyhound enthusiastpublication date Thu Oct 30, 2014 09:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The 11 greyhounds that were found dead were being transported in the back of a Renault Traffic Van. The driver was Spanish and the vehicle was not fit for purpose which is obvious due to lack of ventilation. From the tone the vehicle left Tipperary until the time the doors were opened in Tipperary the dogs were locked up. The Spanish driver of this vehicle is buying dogs in Ireland and selling them on to clients in Spain. There is 11 owners in Spain who have paid money for dogs who have lost out through one mans stupidity. Do not brand the Spanish as bad they merely placed the rust in this man to supply them with dogs. Now understand the following please there is many transport drivers in Ireland moving greyhounds who have the proper type 2 licence those drivers when moving dogs abroad need first to have the vet who issued the passport to sign off they are fit to travel and more importantly Ministry of Agricultural needs to be informed of the ship who will inspect the dogs on day of travelling that everything is in accordance these are the only people that the dogs being transported are in a vehicle fit for the purpose and a proper licence issued. The driver is issued with a travel document and these dogs can be traced back afterwards any unduly happening.
In the case of the Spanish driver he had been told last year that he required approval it does not matter if he had approval in Spain, France or any other country he has to present himself for in spection in this country and his travel intentions declared and had he had done so it would have been obvious his vehicle was unsuitable. In reference to a vet signing off a vet signs that the dogs are fit to travel and in certain cases he would not see the transporter i.e. the dogs are presented at his surgery or he goes to the kennels quarantining the dogs for inspection,so therefore anyone holding these dogs waiting for the transporter or presenting them to the transporter should also be held responsible because any greyhound handler knows or should know what suitable transport is. When dogs sold to Spain the IGB should step in and insist that the dogs are in a proper registered and approved kennel and as such anyone with approved kennel would be deemed to have suitable judgement on the well being of greyhounds and would instantly recognise suitable or unsuitable transport. The Greyhound sales know when Spanish buyers are about this man should never be allowed to attend any greyhound track or sales ever again and anyone helping or associating with him should also be warned off. Drastic means like this is the only way to prevent any further disaster and only the IGB can do this

author by Marian Lawlesspublication date Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I must protest most strongly over the governments handling of the greyhound industry in Ireland. Once again the same old reaction after the most recent tragedy involving greyhounds being transported out of Ireland. They are just paying lip service and nobody really is taking them serious. It is time that pressure was brought to bear on the people who are responsible for protecting the greyhounds to put something workable in place and stop this from ever happening again

Related Link: http://animalcrimesregister-org.webs.com/dogs-greyhounds
author by Marese Cooneypublication date Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Another terrible story about animals and yet again I am ashamed to be Irish.In a country where we are lauded for our education system we have yet again displayed our ignorance in the area of animal welfare. Our government could not care one bit about animal welfare and we are responsible for who governs. It is a newsworthy story but will there be any consequences for those involved, probably not. What a terrible end for beautiful gentle creatures.

author by Louise Coleman - Greyhound Friendspublication date Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Irish government subsidizes the greyhound racing industry but is extremely lax in allowing the greyhounds to suffer - the suffocation of the eleven greyhounds on the Irish ferry should never have happened. Who is driving the bus?

author by bernie wright - AFARpublication date Fri Oct 31, 2014 20:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is a translation from Facebook

Cherbourg, 27/10/2014. Alerted by the Irish Ferries shipping company, it died 11 Greyhounds that the Gendarmes Maritime of Cherbourg SPPP (maritime and port surveillance platoon) have discovered, on board the vessel Oscar Wilde, yesterday around 2 pm.
Crammed 2 in cages, in a truck from Rosslare (Ireland), 11 racing Greyhounds died suffocated during the 17 h crossing.
Veterinary services arrived could not see the death by asphyxiation of these 11 dogs. No autopsy was performed.
Sold by a breeder Irish, these 11 Greyhounds, some on the prestigious list, were to arrive in Spain, intended to supply the lucrative circuit of the reproduction of the Galgos.
11 unfortunates who have paid with their lives the greed of men.
It is regularly that arrive on the Spanish territory of racing Greyhounds, paid about Ä200 by Spanish breeders unscrupulous, willing to improve the breed of their Galgos.. A few weeks ago no less than 150 of these dogs left Ireland for the Spain.
Known and... legal traffic!

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