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Thursday January 01 1970

Cork International Solidarity with Spanish Anarchists - this Friday Jan 16th 6:30 - Daunt Square

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Our comrades from the Spanish State are calling for international day of support for anarchist prisoners! #ContraPandora #StopCriminalization

December 16th 2014 we saw 11 anarchists in Barcelona area detained in what has been known as "Operation Pandora".


All 11 detainees (4 of them were released on charges on December, 18th) are anarchist activists. One of them is a member of Sabadell CNT union and is still imprisoned.

Solicitors for the accused have stated that they have been arrested for being organised; evidence against the accused is non-existent and desperate.

Demonstrations have taken place already around the Spanish State, however for January 16th an international call has gone out for even bigger protests, pickets and demonstrations to demand their release.

We will assemble in Daunt Square at 6.30pm, this Friday January 16th

Join us. Solidarity is Strength

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Cork WSM

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