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A Letter to All Americans and to Real News Websites (labeled Fake News by the Mainstream Media):

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Thursday December 15, 2016 00:28author by Anonymous Student Report this post to the editors

It should seem obvious whoever controls access to ideas controls a people or nation to a large extent. It is natural for power-hungry operators to attempt to control and manipulate masses of peoples’ perceptions (assumptions and thoughts). The mainstream media has been compromised for a very long time. Things have become truly Orwellian. We need a complete re-assessment of this last election cycle to understand how deep the Deceit State has corrupted so many institutions in this country—and especially the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.

A Letter to All Americans and to Real News Websites (labeled Fake News by the Mainstream Media):

By an Anonymous Student

Real news is not always easy to figure out, especially in this world where deceit and naiveté are both too much of mankind’s common lot. Deceit too often works in a society in which the many are ignore(ant) and naïve. Therefore deceit is a very true reality (more so than many appreciate).

We all tend to take some things for granted, but some of us are realizing we have taken far too much for granted especially in regards to politics and mass communications. Nevertheless it should seem obvious whoever controls access to ideas controls a people or nation to a large extent. Therefore it would be natural for power-hungry operators to attempt to control and manipulate masses of peoples’ perceptions (assumptions and thoughts).

So it is ironic to quote from these two paragraphs from Ron Paul’s recent book, Swords into Plowshares: A Life in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity:

Our culture that praises war and punishes truth-tellers of necessity must change … Our true heroes include those who have risked their lives and lost their freedoms in an effort to alert the people to our own government’s misdeeds. The warmongers are fond of calling those heroes traitors. … Truth is something to which the warmongers cannot easily adapt. Truth becomes treasonous in an empire of lies.

The argument that our wars in the Middle East and elsewhere are fought to protect our freedoms and our Constitution is so far removed from reality that it’s difficult to believe so many Americans, including military personnel, continue to accept the endless war propaganda that they are fed… This is why the dictators so fear the truth coming out and the official lies being exposed... (From Chapter 16: The Dictators, pages 160-1).

Yes indeed it is ironic to quote a great human like Ron Paul, who has been a conscientious and respected U.S. Representative from Texas for years, and who honorably ran for President of the United States (without the usual hot air) and is a well-known pillar of the community, and also who has authored several more-than-worthy books, and yet his website “RonPaulInstitute.Org” too was labeled a “fake news” source by The Washington Post.

The article by reporter Craig Timberg was headlined: “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say”. WaPo’s Timberg cites a report by an anonymous website calling itself PropOrNot, which claims millions of Americans were deceived this year in a massive Russian “misinformation campaign.” For more on this story read Eric Zuesse’s article: “The Lying Washington Post Gets Exposed, And All Major U.S. ‘News’ Media Refuse to Report It” at:

Yes a major presstitution newspaper, now owned by a ruthless robber baron Jeff Bozos, was once at least thought as Thee venerable Washington Post, that is, was presumed to have some veneer of credibility and professionalism, of late has fallen to such lows that their team appears to come out swinging like a tawdry drunk-bitch into a dark Washington D.C. back alley, screaming obscenities at its assumed nemeses—namely truth-professing alternative media websites telling actual truth from the upstart Internet. WaPo was claiming they are all nothing more than dozens upon dozens of “fake news” sources fronting Russian deception. And on that long list of baddies includes the illust/rious Ron Paul and his Institute.

Yes the Washington Post takes this year’s New Year’s cake as prize for peak performance—to maybe help sober up their 2016 collective hangover from failing while conspiring to help Hilary Clinton illegally win the election. But of late this once prestigious paper had to renege on their reporter Timberg’s fake news. See story”Washington Post now admits its ‘fake news’ story relied on…get this…a FAKE news source” Dec. 07, 2016 by Mike Adams of Natural News (another website inappropriately labeled a fake news site by the real fake Craig Timberg.

The mighty are falling but not without a spoiled crybaby’s fight for entitlement. Meanwhile Congress is engaged in creating legislation within the National to create a destroy alternative media here in Amerika.
H.R. 6393 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 Section 501 establishes an executive branch interagency… See Lisa Haven YouTube video: “While You Were DISTRACTED The Senate PASSED “Orwellian Controlled Media Act” – Govt Controlled Media” December 11, 2016. This bill was passed by the House of Representatives (the branch of government supposedly the closest to representing the American people) and was introduced a few days before the fake Timberg hit piece. Why are not average Americans calling their reps and screaming bloody revenge? Young people who are on the Internet need to get mobilized.

Also S 3274 – Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act directing the State Department to establish a Center to collect and analyze disinformation and propaganda (simplified) but creating a Truth Ministry. Again checkout Lisa Haven’s video listed above. (This act created this summer and lying dormant has now been slipped into the S.2943 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 now in the final stages of negotiation between the House and Senate Committees).

It is not enough to remind Americans about Russian Censorship. We need a complete crash course on the Bolshevik revolution, the Cheka police state and their many, many brutal murders and torture, and state controlled censorship in Russia. We need to understand the reality and know history repeats itself. While the fake news is lying about Russia manipulating our elections today we need to be restudying the brutal realities there and remind the naïve Congress we are not going to stand for all these games of deceit that are continuously being fobbed onto the public.

The entire system is corrupt. We now know this. The mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t even pretend to care about the average American (and they do not). Further thoughtful readers should not underestimate the deep conceit of those many smarmy voices now whispering behind the cloak and dagger of the MSM and the many shadowy figures that stand behind them. Their bald-faced actions of further lies, even after many were already exposed by real news websites (labeled fake news) shows zero indication of even a pretense of reform or remorse.

We can well suspect there is a deeper and larger set of lies and deceit tactics that have not yet been exposed to the masses; as yet they have fooled the body politic with the same grotesqueness which provided for their aura of un-mitigating arrogance. America’s sheeple abiding long term naiveté and foolishly extended trust toward establishment wolves have granted them their proud and dangerous disdain for the masses (because too much of our public has been so very long ignorant and gullible).

Still too much of the general population is not to first base in awareness. There are on the Quaaludes of the false reality and imprisoned to a mediated-medicated culture. The koolaid keeps them chained to Socrates’ cave where the see only shadows played on the cave wall. Anyone screaming of light outside the cave will be persecuted. Americans are still too trusting and too unimaginative with what conspiracy theories might be possible. We are saturated with monolithic lies and myths that are fed to us from cradle to grave.

Politically, we simply cannot imagine there are classes of people who say they are our friends but are actually working to destroy our livelihoods (and using our own ignorance to help them create legislation to destroy of own viability—such as demanding for more and more stringent gun laws, secretly working to entirely abolish the right to own guns piecemeal, and adding more and more curtailments on the right to free speech to the point one is not allowed to discuss the real evils that are effecting our own culture).

Many of us are brainwashed (at least to some extent) and yet we are led to believe those who disagree with us are the ones who are brainwashed. Amazingly even many college educated people are living in a false paradigm.

Information consumers harbor too few doubts about what they read or hear to bother to double check and fact check from alternative sources of potential insight. Meanwhile they are led to “distrust” sources labeled “fake news”. Many will not even bother to engage in their own compare and contrast studies (or are fearful to boldly think for themselves as individuals who reach conclusions seemingly different then what they think they ought to believe).

Meanwhile America’s politicized education systems work in tandem with mediocre and non-critical thinking programs dumbed down to not reward anyone challenging so-called authority.

The very word ‘authority’ has as its root ‘author’ as authority was thought to be resident in revered book like the Bible, or the printed word of law and legislation.

Ironically the Constitution and Bill of Rights was once thought as authority (not so much by the fourth estate and the three branches of government).

Nevertheless some are equally aware that authority, when taken for granted by those who possess it, has a way of becoming corrupt and authoritarian. This is true for any and every form of power be it secular or religious. This is also true for any group of people or any ethnic group (despite the barrage of hype insinuating white men have the corner on prejudice).

Words, or the coins of communication, can be used to spread truth and awareness, but they can also be used to spread disinformation and ignorance. We Americans, along with people in several Western countries, have been fed more lies, over decades, than we care to know about, and yet they have real impact in keeping us in our intellectual chains (and allow predators to continue to exploit us, at least as tax payers or worst—as bodies drafted to fight wars that are not truly in our best interests). See: The Failure of Mainstream Media | Dave Rubin and Stefan Molyneux at:

Still real energy, real analysis, real spitfire resourcefulness, readily found at some websites of the alternative news Internet, has dethroned the corrupt Democratic Party. Yes!! Like the Gutenberg printing press gave rise to the Protest(ian) and Reform(ation) revolution against Catholic and Papal dominance, so too has the Internet kicked an exceedingly arrogant Washington D.C. status quo (in conjunction with all manner of mainstream media obsequiousness and collusion) to the curb.

Good riddance, but do not bet on it being any real riddance. The powerful U.S. is an exceedingly corrupted culture but it is only very recently that we are now seeing some true colors.

Pressitutes and puppeteer TV news ventriloquists, who cater to lazy minds that do not read much, still have a great market share. They have echo chamber and they are sometimes clever operators. It is startling the hubris of the old establishment that has been engaging in coups throughout the world and have an extensive playbook of covert operations.

This historical time of the Clash of the Medias will last for a long time. And yet they are trying to prop up their capacity for deceit and media dominance by getting laws passed to censor alternative perspectives. They are very much anti-free speech and while they scream Trump fascism they are dangerously going the way of Stalinist and Communist repression.

Never-the-less, given all this on-going chaos, even after the election, sane revolutionaries, who fought against an imposed coronation of Hilary Clinton, should take a moment or two to “celebrate” the truly amazing defeat of the crooked Clinton campaign and the DNC (because it still took a ‘lot’ of heroic and individual effort by many peoples to make this happen).

Even if you do not like Donald Trump—you need to celebrate the mere fact “both” the traditional Republican and Democratic parties were discredited in truly huge proportions. BOTH PARTIES WERE GIVEN THE MIDDLE FINGER AND THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA COULD NOT SPIN FAST ENOUGH.

Hats off. Take a minute to party like its 1999!!!! Yes. Do not forget to celebrate this victory (even as you look over your shoulder for more disgusting opposition tactics from the Democratic camp that does not want to die).

It was simple amazing how the Davids of the world wacked off the leviathan Goliath of the Mainstream Media that used every deceitful trick in the book to try to win the White House for the most corrupt family in American history. We must cherish this moment. We deserve to feel joy and rejoice! And what is most breathtaking is how absolutely stunned the losers were and still are.



So topsy-turvy were they so shocked some still cannot take a peaceful bowel movement. They were so stuck-up to their own echo chamber of delusions that the entire world could witness the crybaby stupidity of their sore but arrogant words. Rachael Mad-cow will never fully recover. She will walk the way of the pasture as the old media slowly disappears.

But we can realize that their inability to maturely deal is a sign of how very spoiled and entitled they felt themselves to be. This is how their repressed hatred comes back as more hubris and a zero willingness to acknowledge that other humans on the oppositional camps are equally human. Some do have a superiority complex and cannot imagine a world that can happily get along without the likes of themselves. Self-deception has corrupted their own souls.

So we need to fear some of these who make up the entitled classes. They are used to thinking of everyday people as either retards that need their supervision or as slaves for their entitlement. Already they are already coming back with a white heat of more hatred and lies. It will get worse before it gets better.

Alternative news websites must espouse documentation of this 2016 political campaign war (and all the dirty tricks used) as a lesson for the many Americans who are still being deceived as to why Donald Trump won. A full accounting must be made (and as professionally as possible that is not about the word great and Donald Trump). Donald Trump is a mere human and this country has not been great in very, very long time (although it was an economic powerhouse for some decades).

Intelligent documentaries need to be created about how the 2016 election cycle played out (including the faked ISIS beheading videos used to prime the debates about why the United States needs to remain in Syria). Books need to be written about all the election fraud and the undercover investigation journalism of Project Veritas. An entire encyclopedia of Wiki-Fake-News (from the accused side) needs to be made. Wikileaks need to be exposed because many MSM consumers did not feel Wikileaks was worthy of their own personal inquiries. They still believe it was FAKE This whole historyical moment is a public relations game that the mainstream is still trying to bury with more lies. And if you know anything real about real history you will know that some parts of history we have been taught are complete fabrications based on huge propaganda campaigns (it is nothing new).

The losers are trying to write history. They are trying to kill the messenger as they are engaged in cover-up and a continuance of stealing the election. Now they are even trying for voluntary and official censorship on social media and the Internet. Apparently they have a lot to hide.

And this old establishment has many advantages still on their side. First the lying media is connected to a vast resource of wealth and compromised politicians. They frankly own huge swathes of the traditional media (and can easily create a great deal of market share on the web). They can afford to pay thousands to troll and frustrate the truth seekers and truth creators. Already they have funded fake news websites corresponding to the old media deception. Plus they have friends in all places legislative (and professional lobbyists).

Dissidents have little of this. We need to start asking more of the American public to help fund alternative news media websites and stop supporting the professional fakers.

With alacrity they refer to the “many” alternative sources the Washington Post calls fake. And it is not just WaPo. U.S. News and World Report came out with “Avoid These Fake News Sites at All Costs” by one shallow Rachel Dicker Nov. 14, 2016 taking her cue from Fake News Watch that listed dozens of sites in January of 2016 composed of self-styled experts who claim to have objective ways of determining fake versus non-faked news (and naturally these sites share similar listings). So we are most definitely in an era of liars lying about lying.

And yet we need to coach all the American people (scream if you prefer) to study these many websites, so they can appreciate the quality of information and opinion many of them harbor, so more of the public can understand the mainstream truly seems to be the lame-stream (for themselves). Everyone should get copies of the official lists.

Stress to people they have a duty to do their own research because some of these web-sights singled out as fake news put out very high quality intelligence and truly interesting reporting (a good number). So it is imperative to help make this list the most well-known list of the decade (and to keep adding more high-quality sights). Posters in every college dorm? Bumper stickers. [Note: This is not to say they are all worthy as this author is unfamiliar with many.]

Do not underestimate how many Americans are entrusted to the mainstream media, and still invest in the many rationalizations they are provided as palliatives. These old dogs still run the show in critical dimensions (and especially the politicians they have been in collusion with for so long). Americans need to be contacted their representatives—we need a huge alternative Push for this to stop these inimical bills that are now in Congress.

It is not enough for real news sources (called fake news sights) to continue to publish outstanding investigative news and commentary. Alternative news websites need to do “more outreach” to peoples who do not routinely get informed by alternative sources.

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA NEEDS TO ENGAGE IN MORE PUBLIC RELATIONS WORK. There is no national or international Association espousing legitimate views and needs for alternative news media (at least not widely known) and such a group would not have to engage professionally from a brick and mortar building lobbying Congress but could have some efforts working on the American public (starting with some good free speech lawyers). How about some power players like Gerry Spenser?

Regarding bill H.R.6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, passed in the House of Representatives on November 30. See article: Bill Targeting “Russian Propaganda” Passes in House By Kurt Nimmo at Activist Post at:

Elderly people do not get alternative views to the extent they could. Whereas many young people are getting alternative views but many are getting left-wing points of view that too often have their own distortions and prejudices.

Also many professionals read the newspaper and watch established news because they are busy and too tired at night. Some simply are OK with being entertained by lazily listening to the charade of TV versions of reality (besides they realize they need to understand what most people are thinking as truth—even if they aware it is not all truth).

It is imperative that lawyers and judges and politicians who make laws be aware of alternative ideas straight from their own published papers (and not distorted from the mainstream lying newspapers). Printed policy papers circulated as statements across the country (in all 50 states).

Already there is an enormity of pressure being put on all states legislative bodies from hostile mainstream media and other special interests to treat alternative sources as suspect.

The same is true for schools and colleges. There needs to be entire political movements readily and competently willing to engage in intellectual debates about free speech as Zionists are working to kill any right to criticize Jews, Israel and Zionism on American campuses (if they can argue such statements are impressionist of hostility or hatred). Zionists have millions of dollars and hundreds of individuals engaged in destroying free speech here in the United States broadly labeling anything that sounds hostile as hate speech (and this same notion as argument is used across the rainbow coalition). The hate speech movement is very dangerous and is very subjective and can and is being used to kill legitimate forms of intellectual battle.

Voices need to counter what appears to be social justice warriors who actually engage in inspiring reverse racism, reverse sexism, and all manner of hatrism (whether they are aware of their own hate or not). New movements especially need to arise to counter movements that are eating away at the Bill of Rights such as the 1st and 2nd Amendments. There is a reason the 1st and 2nd Amendments were the first on the least—they are both exceedingly important.

DO NOT ALLOW THE MSM TO DEFINE THIS FAKE NEWS DEBATE AS A WAR BETWEEN TWO CAMPS. Make Americans aware there are hundreds and thousands of alternative viewpoints on the Internet.

Remind Americans again and again that 90% of the MSM is owned by a mere six major corporations whereas the Internet has hundreds of potential and diverse news sources, including people who engage in “citizen journalism”. All manner of thought is found on the Internet (unless search engines censor). Tell them in no uncertain terms these alternative sources evolved exactly because they realized so-called professional journalism had become so corrupt and dishonest.

Furthermore it is foolish for the so-called Alt-Right to allow the MSM (or even their own people) to define the so-called alt-right as “one” monolithic force that has an agreed agenda. This ought to be perceived as self-defeating. It seems there are several alt-right camps. They do not all agree (and this should be made known) or it is too easy for propagandists to group this label as some ominous force of anti-humane intentions.

Some on the alt-right are not the kind of “white nationalists” as some socialist, leftist, centric, hate Donald Trump, and Zionist camps readily want to label as racist. Many alt-right people seem to care more about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, about State’s rights, etc. and really are not giving much of a damn about so-called Caucasian DNA. DO NOT LET THE ENEMY DEFINE YOUR STANCE. It is OK for whites to make it known that Europeans embraced the Constitution, Bill of Rights Anglo-Saxon legal tradition (and the Enlightenment). Fine. This is about culture and values. But it is self-defeating in this pluralistic society to argue there is something great in simply being white. Still white people have a right to be and feel proud about their perceived ancestry as do all peoples.

Furthermore it should be argued there is a white privilege group no one is really allowed to talk about in this culture—it is called “white Jewish privilege”. It seems the “only” position a white person can take that is not ostracized by the Zionist controlled mainstream media (and not labeled as racist or fascist or KKK) is a position that corresponds (or does not conflict much with) to what white Jewish people stand (including the Zionist exploitation of American foreign policy).

No one mentions the truth that Caucasian Jews dominate the voice of what is considered appropriate for white people in general to think or feel or to vote. Anything that criticizes Zionist goals or propaganda (such as antithetical to America’s real national security) is automatically labeled racist, fascist, neo-Nazi, KKK, etc. (including people like John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt and even though they identify as Jewish ancestry).

There is an exceedingly dangerous anti-free speech movement happening in this country. The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act. Broad categories of criticism of the history of Zionism is being repressed:
• Calling for, aiding or justifying the killing or harming of Jews
• Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust
• Demonizing Israel by blaming it for all interreligious or political tensions
• Judge Israel by a double standard that one would not apply to any other democratic nation

What if it is true that Israel was behind 9/11? What if there was no Final Solution program by the Nazi Germans (but was made up by Zionist dominated propaganda in the Stalinist Russia, Roosevelt United States and Churchill England? What if such things are actually true? Why has no one been able to discuss the fact that 20 million Germans died in WW2 (many civilians firebombed because of false propaganda hatred of the Scandinavian race and Germany trying to because a competing economic power? No one will be allowed to legally challenge Zionist domination of American foreign policy. This if very dangerous giving how many Christian Russians were murdered after the Czar fell. There is a lot of alternative voice being squelched to suggest such ideas are true. Read for example the very well documented: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L Bradberry. Do not underestimate the unspoken hatred of anti-Gentilism that has reigned in the last 150 years.

This is the real reverse racism of this culture. Few if any can even call them as to speak truth to power. See “Tracking Patriots Like Terrorists: • Justice Department, Southern Poverty Law Center team up to target activists, anarchists” By John Friend — See at:

Kiss the Founding Fathers, your freedom of speech, religion and due process goodbye. There are growing calls for the removal, restriction and banning of ideas, speech and history the State considers ‘dangerous’ See at: … in which it states:

“Indeed, there is a long and growing list of the kinds of speech that the government considers dangerous enough to red flag and subject to censorship, surveillance, investigation and prosecution: hate speech, bullying speech, intolerant speech, conspiratorial speech, treasonous speech, threatening speech, incendiary speech, inflammatory speech, radical speech, anti-government speech, right-wing speech, extremist speech, etc.”

This is exactly the kind of speech Zionists are trying to destroy in the United States with the MSM calling for censoring what they call fake news websites, see: Who controls The US Media ? (or do your own research) at:;_ylt=A0SO8w...=view

One feature of real fascism is a crackdown on the freedom of the press by controlling the media (and claiming an authoritarian right to decide what is real news while sanctioning censorship). Ask yourselves who is engaged in cracking down on real news now (while distorting all manner of prejudice). Obviously it is the major networks and Internet entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerman with his Facebook censorship.

IT IS IMPERATIVE NEW AVENUES TO COMMUNICATION ARE CREATED TO SUBPLANT CENSORING MEDIA (and this does not have to be connected to the Internet and electronic formats). There could be five or more kinds of Facebook and five types of Twitter, and more Reddit’s and more search engines. We need more diversity of avenues of exchange and they should not be concentrated in Zionist hands (especially when too many influential Jews claim that gentiles are racist if they deviate from what dominate minorities of Zionist Jews espouse be they J-Street or AIPAC hegemony).

Also news websites need to have a direct link to receive email messages without the need for email services. Publishers ought to understand the need for private and anonymous communication. Email services can be blocked just like other forms of blocking can be happening.

When alarmists are accused of reporting or claiming shootings like Sandy Hook were faked they should NOT renege from outside pressure. Do not back-step. The MSM is trying to recoup lost power and isolate alternative voices and groups like Trump’s base to make him feel he has to compromise more with the good old boys of the Establishment.

Simply argue, and confidently argue, there are “many, many” citizen journalists who have come forth as shown (by way of MSM reporting errors) the facts are not accurate on a number of significant issues related to several mass shootings as reported. There is a bandwagon of people who have looked into these various events and some are clearly faked.

But you do not have to issue a final judgment but tell your audiences “many” sources have given enough factual evidence connecting dots to show some kind of a con job is going on that highly suggests these events are being created to change gun laws (they have a political purpose). Demand people investigate these citizen journalists for themselves. People must be convinced they need to become their own intelligence service agent and do their own due process.

Tell them to focus on the Orlando Pulse club shooting as they (crisis actors) made that case so obvious that it was a manufactured event. Invite people to look at the many citizen journalists videos created to counter claims by the MSM. This is why fake news is so big—because high power politicians in government and the collusive media is in on this corruption. This is equally why this is threatening. But this is equally why the lies are now compounding. There is an agenda waiting to happen. We need to study history from every angle and especially when common people got the worst of the deal.

Killing the messenger (the real news called fake news) is not just about covering up this election—it goes deeper. It is about the billions and billions of corrupt dollars being pumped into the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the phony created wars, the entire Empire of spending (and all the many, many crony companies cashing in on the War of Terror).

Also if the MSM or disingenuous Internet sources try to smear you with what seems to be crazy conspiracy theories (such as 9/11) refer to the “many” alternative sources that are continuing to raise serious, and more than numerous, red flags. Explain how many, many people do not believe the official version (and especially people all around the world who are even more informed). Refer to the many 9/11 Truth Movements around the country, and the hundreds and thousands of Architects for 9/11 Truth, and Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, etc. These people do not get any financial incentive but simply want Americans to understand something is deeply wrong and the MSM was behind pushing the government version (and now another phony version that Saudi Arabia was behind it has come out to be the new red herring).

Also ALTERNATIVE MEDIA NEEDS TO EDUCATE READERS AND VEIWERS ITS NOT JUST THE ALT RIGHT (or ‘self right’ as in self-righteous right as there is that too) BUT WHAT OTHER QUALITY ADVOCACY HAS DONE ON THE LEFT AND IN THE MIDDLE. There are hundreds of diverse sources of truth-seekers and truth-sharers (many smaller than cottage industry). Where is there much acknowledgement from the Internet for great commentary by “the Sane Progressive” Debbie Lusignan or H.A. Goodman (who may be leftists and socialists but who were very critical and intelligent of the deceit coming out from the lefty-DNC-conspiracy and the Hilary Clinton campaign)? Why are they not being promoted for their worthy and iconoclastic commentary?

It is a conceit for certain websites to think they pulled off a revolution simply because of a handful or a couple dozen mostly right-wing alternative websites. Wake up and smell the diversity! Surely InfoWars.Com, Drudge, etc., had a huge following, but so did a lot of other people in the shadows (and we all know this was not mainly about being white male versus minorities).

There are a lot of great voices out there. Why did websites like AntiWar.Com with Justin Raimondo and TruthOut.Org, TruthDig.Com, and dozens and dozens of websites make the infamous WaPo list of dissidents (from many camps of the political spectrum). Stop thinking some small coterie of like-minded individuals accomplished the rise of the Internet and the overthrow of the status quo. Thousands of people were involved.

Furthermore it is equally true that people on the right are just as prone to engage in prejudicial presumptions as are people on the left. Look at all the self-righteous trash coming out about Jill Stein who is “not” working for the Democrats or Hillary Clinton and who is not trying to get money for the Green Party or herself. There is so much prejudice from people on the right against anyone who claims to stand up for environmental issues it stinks highly to heaven.

Equally it is true that anyone can start a blog or start putting out videos and calling them news views. In any type of enterprise there is only a minority of people who put out the most valuable player products. There are thousands of artists but not all are equal: so to with so many who want to express opinion. The fact is there is little vetting for who or what is a news source or having an opinion worthy of audience save how the market of ideas plays out. But as anyone knows the most truthful or accurate is not always the most popular.

Truth can be very unpopular. Just because someone is attracting a lot of attention does not automatically mean that person or group is putting out the most factually accurate or the most critical ideas. Fame usually has a good reason but there can be quieter voices who need more attention and help.

Also if you think about it—it should be obvious that any real examination of the 2016 voting in any of the 50 states will clearly show the Democratic Party stole far more votes than is yet known as acknowledged. Anyone who has seen pictures of Trump rallies versus Clinton rallies knows Clinton did not get anywhere close to half the popular vote. She did not get even 30% in some states and yet the TV news stations and manipulated polls projected it close in almost every state? That is bunk. The lameness of the alternative news allowed the mainstream media to report this as a close election (when surely it was not). People whining about Jill Stein raining on their parade are equally fools.

The fact remains that the Democratic Party did not fix fraud in U.S. elections even though they have had several years of time to do so—why? And now the Republican Party is equally hesitant to look too deeply into this criminality. Do you want fair elections and more choices or not? Then welcome some real scrutiny and stop being so pessimistic.

It is amazing how ruthless the mainstream media was during the election cycle and also continues so after the election. They clearly see truth itself and people engaged in learning truth (or those involved in disseminating it) as the enemy.

But ultimately there is no source of pure truth. We are all fallible as we all have blind sides. We can only hope to have a nose for the best from various sources. Most, if not all, people believe both realities and things that are not so real. This is why we need to appreciate diversity and real minority positions (having little to do with race or religion but with individuality). How much do we give thanks for real individuality (real minorities)?

We need a better educated public that can discern and comprehend. We need a better education system and a better reading public. We cannot rely on those who want to build walls around outside sources of idea. All arguments have a right to compete in a free society.

Amen from an atheist.

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