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The world stands still waiting for Trump's first steps

category international | miscellaneous | opinion/analysis author Tuesday January 24, 2017 21:36author by Fabio Angauthor email fapress at yahoo dot com Report this post to the editors

Walking around the world in a flash of flesh, blood, Trump, the cynical and hypocritical Corporative Media, the American/UK... Warlords, and the left overs of the dismantled Public Opinion

First speech of The President of United States at his own rearranged CIA headquarters, I said, the US President!:
“… you know, I am on a running war with the Media.They are among the most dishonest human being on earth.”

OBAMA IS LEAVING, 8 YEARS AFTER. THE PEACE NOBEL PRICED PRESIDENT as well awarded as the most warmongering engager worldwide than any other american president, drone targeting terrorists suspects but, killing ten times more innocents civilians (euphemistically called collateral damage).
Attacks taking place in any part of the world with drones, airplane's rockets, “boots on the ground”... anything that could kill. All that, with no questions asked, no Media basic questioning, no Congressional authorization, no Hague Criminal Court,no Jurisprudence at all (none any kind of claiming as crime against humanity). Zombieland!

But, the american people is protesting on the streets not just in Washington, but around the world! against the recent enthroned President, “Donald Trump, the Womaniser” among zillion other quite bad attributes. Here we have a dangerous high voltage coquetel, when protesters are unusually mixed and blessed within the vicious Mainstream Media = Status Quo: The lost Establishment on which is trying to find where is its own crown!
Donald Trump.
The unpredictable fellow, perplexing the world.
Trump blasts CNN:
CNN tutorial on how erase completely Trump and its team: still so, CNN has no ending ideas:
Killing Trump tutorial has no more effect once the march is on: The extreme Right Parties is taking place all around the world. Unfortunately, that looks like an irreversible picture, with Europe countries aligned next.
The Establishment long time of fully disconnection over people's reality, and the behaviour of greedy have already thrown rubbish on the fan.
Looks like there is no more room left for turn the table over by any other good intentions Leftist Parties. The full Right is on the way.
Cristal ball Prediction: no need at all. Just follow the facts of recent hysterical history.
Financial Mortgage-Banking Parallel Empire bubble busted.
Fat cats promptly well greased with “zillions” from ours Gov bailout money!
Money on which should be addressed to the people on improving Public Services plus small business, but ended being redirect to the stupidly called “Too Big To Fail” Financial Companies and Banking Sector.
The Gov Corporation duo Parties (UK Tory/Labour – US Dems/Rep) extended even more their greedy, opening the pockets to pay more money yet just to “help” those “Too Important to be Fired” white collars executives on keeping up their nasty past behaviours and jobs.
Financial bailouts Naturalis results: World meltdown.
Miserability at its best. The world bending over the power of the Financial System, resulting on the ascension of the extreme right parties throughout Europe, following by the xenophobic/ignorance as the politically correct mote.

That Trump Vs Mainstream Media contend remind Hugo Chavez Vs the Venezuelan big Three Right wing Families Run Media Monopoly (now US is tasting its own bad medicine).

The MSM number one enemy: Trump, the US President.
Then he comes: John Snow (Britain Channel 4$ News, soon after the Presidency sworn event, asking Patricia Arquette, the Hollywood actress and Women leader protester, if she could face any pos-professional hunt once exposing herself politically like that.
Hello, Mr Snow, The Journalist!
In this case, the Woman demonstration is totally together under the Mainstream Media blessing. Even John Kerry was on that protest, just left Obama to fill the full Establishment pic.
Ms Arquette, actually, would only have to gain professionally for that part, by acting on the same page as the All Mighty net power of the tMSM.
Remind the peculiar scenario when Occupy London movement, totally ignored by most British and the Grande Corporate World Media Press, including your (Mr Snow) miserable Channel 4 News: When MSM closest allies, the abstract entity called Establishment started feeling the pinch, the Occupy participants, including celebrities, mostly ending being putted on Media ostracism, and yet more horrible: The London Police have included the Occupiers alongside with Al Qaeda and IRA for an official presentation being available for Nurses and School staff to prepare them in events of Terrorist attack.

So, wondering around the world, the US Trump reaction looks like another similar Banana's country political event like the latest “Brazilian Orange Coup d'etat” ending with the dethroned of the last democratic elected President Dilma.
The footprints of American intelligentsia take in-out Presidentes around the world... staining all over Brazil of Dilma's impeachment.
US remains ambushed, preparing and waiting the right moment to invest on the next prey from Ukraine to Brazil and Paraguay. By mid 2012, the needs for a instauration of a proper US allied in that latter country, asked for the American way tougher action (CIA), preparing Paraguay landscape for a certainly impeachment of its democratic elected President, Fernando Lugo.
Done again, Paraguay and Brazil, in-out Presidents followed by instauration of puppet Govs. Without a single bullet being fired! Just Public Opinion articulation with full injection of huge amount of money (Net influence): Right wing lines sudden full invasion (attack) throughout Social Media and Press.

The CIA has decades of technique and acknowledgement of moving in-out Governments worldwide.
They apply the usual suspects instruments of pressure (e.g. Militar Puppets' Force, Media deconstruction, Direct Army Invasion, “Rebel” Support, Torture...). Types differ, running from a Force Military Coup d'etat as seen in past history of Latin America up to influencing over Social Media and Press Media, the nowadays style of modern/contemporary CIA ways to effectively bringing down Govs.
Other intelligentsia mechanisms being applied in Middle East, like the Arab Springs movements: a quite nice and cool full of good people's intentions, turning to be a very dark and nasty outgoings. It is quite difficult to believe that the Arab Spring could starts by CIA articulations... (looks like at this time (US) just took the sky as the limit opportunity that naturally appear. Who knows?).

An excellent idea of introducing Democracy to Middle East, but very bad idea when the introducer is the All Mighty America oil and gun thirsty entity. The result, a total destruction of those countries: (Iraq, Afghanistan), Libya, Syria, Yemen...
Almost missed: The Zombie state of MSM US/UK/EU... Intel FAKE NEWS STORY at its best trapping Saddam under the never found WMD. Iraq destruction in full American way. Taking the opportunity, once US War Machine were already by the neighbourhoods having the invasion of Afghanistan called “war against terrorism” (Taliban-Al Qaeda).

In recent years, Middle East have exhaust and scarced with motives and “human (deads) resources”. So, Americans should urgently look anywhere else. Then appear another great opportunity than ever. Ukraine, the next motive to reach a greater adversary, Putin. The Ukrainian Orange Coup d'etat brought more than expected: a NATO, waking up from the sleeping hollow grave. A fading warmonger organization with no justification to exist anymore.
We have witness an Orange Ukraine confusingly asking for a sit at the Europe Union (while other countries are thirsty to get out of that another fade Club, The EU): ironic!
US started doing what they know the most: influencing Ukraine intern political affairs, once is is justification another geopolitical strategic country. They did help “take out and put in” one more puppet Government (Victoria Nulland another US Diplomat (warmonger), putting more wood on the fire. She, in vito, had distributing sandwiches and Intel and money and... to the bloody violent far-right movement that was uprising).
Aftera bloody south of Ukraine war, the result is a failed country surely, without US support, without EU club acceptance, and without Crimea.

Putin has following very close and understanding US nasty moves far back, from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen. But in Syria, he goes hands on, where US have started supporting, and directly pouring weapons and logistics to the “so called Rebels” (most, descends direct of the nowadays ISIS). Ones called them Rebels, others Terrorists: anyway, groups mostly foreigners, fighting against the democratic elected President Assad.
Syria, from Arab Spring love and cool hopes! to pouring money, logistic and men originated from Saudi Arabia/Turkey/US plus Europe allies. Desperate peoples measure to reach the enlightenment of a renew Caliphate Empire.
Another US intervention = One more obviously “degradation carnage consequence”: full destruction.

Civilian casualty / Collateral damage (euphemism for murder - war crimes).
The drone “killings index” goes from 70% to 95% on average in a given strike targeting a named terrorist or a cell, group, house etc. When only one supposed terrorist name is in the desk of the US President killing list, EIGHT others, like neighbours (kids, houses, schools, hospitals, women, old people..) are euphemistically called “Collateral damage” = killed.
Iraq - Baghdad military carnage. Not drone, but a direct Apache helicopter in 2007 attack. Among regular similar events, that killings went public. It revealed to the world by Chelsea (Bradley) Manning – Wikileaks and Media Press Outlets: https://collateralmurder.wikileaks.org/

Even up the last moments before Trump's enthroned on Jan 20th, CIA kept trying to stain his legitimacy as a President.
By now, Trump still has much to fight against much of what has left: the full vicious machine of the Media Established hovered by Clinton's Weaponiser Network, the unnecessary, but thirsty or war NATO, the Senator John McCain's Warlord of Industries of dead. He is aiming his fire guns to the new target. The last american enemy creation: Putin of Russian (P.S.: no more URSS).
With a few more days under Obama, the CIA could be very ready to (ironically) apply their Coup d'etat technics on his own country, the US. Would be quite funny, if were not tragic!
The formula America of Trump against Establishment plus MSM and people on streets equals a Trump being overthrow: looks very palpable and alive.

Argh, another Conspiracy Theory!
When in doubt if there are facts or not just another list of Theory of Conspiracy, try to evaluate the facts under the Trump Gov evolving events against the Establishment (past, present and future). Those are rare and unusual today's fully Empiric Events, we are all witness.

Last but not least, an Europe, a tail wagging dog supporting US blindly throughout the horror of all those invasions on Islamic Countries in Middle East/North Africa over the last 15 years... plus centuries far yet.

What to expect! It is not rocket science, but logics: countries dismantled in Middle East and a natural resultant of immense mass of Asylum seekers heading to the nearest haven, Europe: German, France,Italy, Britain... Totally “without cause”, the EU countries have blindness supported US to invade and followed the destruction of huge parts of Muslim Countries.
A logical and predictable quite bad result inevitable: mass migrations into Europe plus Extreme acts of desperation from those people left without country and soul (called Terrorism).

In US by now, there is still left a huge ammount of ammunition against their own President Trump, from the Democrats, Clinton's, Mc Cain’s alike, Corporate Media, and at the top yet, the last incomers to that party: the adrift sea of people outter on streets of America fighting themselves over their own concepts and misconceptions disarranged for long period of time, gravitating over the battle yard of the one sided Media Press. A so called formation of the Public Opinion.
More yet dangerous scenary is the fact that when Americans take on the streets, they could start bringing together their beloved guns, automatics, semi, rifles, machine guns. Almost a natural extension of most american human body: regular people who are simplistically armed upon the teeths. Very bad recipe for mass violence and carnage.
Pray won't be enough to help!

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