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Coronavirus a trigger for rare syndrome which left three children hospitalised in Dublin, new test confirms

category national | health / disability issues | other press author Saturday June 13, 2020 22:52author by 1 of indy Report this post to the editors

More scare stories in the mainstream media from the Covid promotors

Last week the Irish Independent carried this scare story with the headline above. The exact same story was also carried by hundreds of mainstream news sites too. It is a very good example of the relentless propaganda that has been appearing in the mainstream media during the Covid scare operation trying to hype it up to the maximum and even now they are doing their utmost to keep it going.

It is with this in mind that the story is carried here except we break it down to show at the manipulation works. The first point is that the media and those pushing this propaganda know well that most people only read headlines and the headline itself manages to link the word Coronavirus with some new strange disease. The purpose would appear to not only keep the fear going but to suggest to the population that Covid might be even more deadly and is perhaps mutating into the much promised and anticipated second wave. So it is laying the ground work for the second wave too.

Here are the opening lines of the story:

A new test has confirmed COVID-19 as trigger for a rare mysterious 'inflammatory syndrome' which left three children hospitalised in Dublin. [Indy editor: They do get better and go home]

The illness has been likened to Kawasaki disease, a rare disorder which causes rashes and a red mouth and eyes.

The illness, which has led to deaths in children in other parts of Europe and the United States, was thought to be linked to Covid-19 but scientists could not prove it.

Straight off they make an assertion of proof but will it follow? Then through confusing wording they make is sound like Covid-19 has led to deaths of children when it is more likely Kawasaki disease. Different versions of this story has been carried over and over again in the past three months especially in the UK media and in every case they have tried to link it to Covid-19 and once again they are doing it here. Kawasaki disease affects about 4% to 5% of small children and in the vast majority it goes away but there are a tiny number who have serious problems and in a population as big as the UK at 64 million unfortunately a few even die each year. Across all of Europe then you will find a few deaths. It is likely these deaths that they are referring to and not Covid caused ones. If it was really was Covid ones, it would be constantly on every single TV channel and there would be round the clock coverage.

The important point to note is that for those who actually read past headlines, most will only read the first paragraph or two. Thus for those who got that far they have now been told twice there is a "proved" link to some disease that kills children. The purpose is ramp up the fear and make young parents afraid. And people who are afraid look for solutions and protection. Whilst not stated here, the offered protection is of course vaccines since that has been relentlessly promoted in the media too. Remember all the talk of "we may have to stay in lockdown until a vaccine arrives". Whoever heard such rubbish. Most people on some level know that the average age for Covid-19 deaths is running anything from 75+ to 85 range. So this is not good enough because it does not scare the younger half of the population. Therefore this scare is manufactured to rope young adults in. And that may go some way to explaining why some otherwise perfectly healthy people in the 30s are wearing masks and looking very fearful.

And so the rest of the story continues:

However, now a test has been developed by experts in Birmingham which has offered evidence confirming COVID-19 to be the cause of a newly emerged multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children, who have tested negative for the virus by the PCR test.

This raises the possibility that children who may have had the virus in their system, even if they haven’t been unwell, could be at risk of developing this new condition.

So is that proof? The PCR test is the one they use for Covid-19. So what they are saying children who might or might not have had Covid and did NOT in any way feel unwell, they have just stated flat out that Covid is somehow the cause. They have actually offered no evidence. What sort of science is that. Notice they don't tell you whether the test is a new one. If so tell us about it. It would seem the test is just the standard Covid PCR test and what is new is that they are just testing kids with Kawasaki disease. Is there an actual new test?

But now a little bit of information about the PCR test. Firstly it is not very reliable and has a false positive rate of over 40%. It is very sensitive to contamination. The PCR method is used for detecting and amplifying DNA by making millions of copies of the target DNA it is looking for. The Covid virus like all viruses make RNA which is basically singled stranded DNA. So after the swab is taken the sample has to be purified to extract the RNA of the virus and then converted with an enzyme called reverse transcriptase.into DNA. The RNA code for proteins. However across any given family of viruses since they have common RNA, that means they make the same proteins and only a handful of different ones otherwise. So the PCR test is really detecting the instructions to make a protein. They are NOT reading out the entire genome of the virus as that would be near impossible to do in a test. It should be quite clear too, that if you have other viruses in your body and especially ones in the same or similar family of viruses then you could easily be detecting those instead. The test itself was rushed through by the FDA. Normally to develop a test takes years of painstaking research and work to perfect it. This is not the case here. So just because someone says it works because it is an emergency doesn't make it so and that goes along way to explain why it gives unreliable results and is unreliable.

The three children treated in Dublin hospitals for the illness have since recovered.

Again this is thrown in here to imply it is somehow part of the proof because three children were unwell. If you read it again, it really means three children with Kawasaki disease were unwell and admitted to hospital and now they are fine and have gone home. It doesn't even try to say they tested positive for Covid. And you can be sure if they did, they would be jumping all over it. So all we have is innuendo. The proof is beginning to disappear because there isn't any.

Remember though few people will have read this far, so all those who just read the headline and first paragraph have likely scared themselves to death and will jump at the chance of doctors or in reality big pharma, offering to save their children. This would be a serious mistake and the level of deceit alone should alert us to that fact since deceit and good intentions rarely go together.

Reports have emerged in recent weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, of children presenting with symptoms similar to those seen in Kawasaki disease; a rare condition, usually seen in under-fives, that causes a persistently high temperature, rashes and inflammation of the blood vessels.

This new condition has recently been termed Paediatric Inflammatory Multi-System (PIMS) Syndrome - Temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS) and to date has affected around 100 children in the UK with further reports of cases across Europe and the United States.

Again they are using very dubious logic to derive their proof. Children get all sorts of rashes, high temperature and inflammation for any number of reasons. Staying indoors too long under Covid house arrest could be one. Wearing masks for too long could be another. At any one time there are trillions of virus in our bodies and a huge array of pathogens constantly challenging our immune system. So they say this new condition is "Temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2". What exactly does that mean? Where or what is the proof that it is associated with it. Note now at this stage in the story they have to start coming clean. Gone are the bold assertions and now they are couched in ambiguous phrases. Why would that be? The reason is because if and when this whole Covid scare blows over it is to cover themselves against accusations of lying and bias because they will be able to say something like this: "...we did not say there was a definite proven link because if you read our article in full you will see that we acknowledge it was thought to be linked but it was still uncertain..."

And in case you missed it they invent a new term right there called PIMS-TS which they co-joined with SARS-CoV-2 with no proof other than assertion. They will now use this term to essentially repeat the false claim.

The blood test, which demonstrates the presence of different types of antibodies to the virus, showed that every child had high levels of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. The pattern of antibodies indicated that the infection most likely occurred weeks or even months previously. This means that antibody testing can be used to help diagnose PIMS-TS, even when virus is not directly detectable in the patient.

No, what it proves is they were exposed to the virus and dealt with it fine. Given the virus was already in Europe including UK and Ireland probably by mid-December probably most of the populations were exposed and got over it and this all happened between December and March. They make the ridiculous claim to say if a child tested positive for Covid-19 in the recent past and even though they were never unwell from it, then since they have cleverly renamed the Covid-19 test the PIMS-TS test, then this means they have PIMS-TS condition -i.e Paediatric Inflammatory Multi-System (PIMS) - Temporarily associated with SAR (TS). See how circular the argument is. At the top of the article we were told the link was confirmed. All that is confirmed is that these kids tested positive but were not sick from it. The chances are because Covid-19 raged for at least 3 months before any lockdown then probably every or at least most children in Europe was exposed to it. How then would that proof it is the cause. It doesn't. At best it is a statistical association. There could be literally thousands of other possibilities. And did they test if there were antibodies to any other viruses? Probably not. Again we have to question how unique a given antibody is in terms of mapping it back to a particular viral strain. How do we know with certainty? It would interesting to know the error rate too.

Let's call it what it is. This is outright manipulation using deceptive language and the juggling around of words.

The criticism laid out here is not against the Irish Independent as such because if you do a search of the terms in this story you will find hundreds of instances of more or less the exact same report carried across news outlets in the UK and Ireland. What you are witnessing is a carefully planned propaganda assault on the population designed to scare and terrify them and hopefully soften up any opposition to the vaccines or whatever it is they conjure up later in the year.

It is very sinister that this is happening and the medical profession are doing long term damage to their own credibility by participating in it. They are on the same path as the church which once had the trust of the people but they abused their position and have fallen from grace.

In an earlier incarnation of this Covid-Kawasaki story several weeks back, there was one doctor who is an expert in Kawasaki disease was quite dismissive of any suggested link and went as far as to say the media were hyping it up but now with this latest article which originated from the University of Birmingham they have found researchers who will do their bidding. We should recall the tobacco industry in it's heyday found many a willing accomplice to promote their agenda.

Here's a bunch of links where this story was repeated more or less on the same day.
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Birmingham designed test confirms COVID-19 as trigger for rare Kawasaki-like syndrome in children
Birmingham designed test confirms COVID-19 as trigger for rare Kawasaki-like syndrome in children

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