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Help Needed to Ensure Draconian Covid-19 Laws limiting our Freedoms are Not extended on 9 June 2021

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8 Weeks To Reverse Covid-19 Laws

Tracy O'Mahony, the lone brave Barrister -(where are her colleagues? ) who has been speaking out about the stripping of our freedoms and civil liberties is asking people to help out with lobbying politicians who will have to vote on the part 3 of the Draconian Health Preservation Act limiting our Freedoms to extend it before 9 June 2021. If it is not extended then the government will not have the authority to continue with the lockdowns and restrictions.

She announced the campaigin on her facebook page: with the release of a video to explain what the background.

This is what she wrote:

Part 3 of the Health Preservation Act must be extended before 9 June 2021, failing which all restrictions around freedom (with the exception of quarantine on entry into the State) will cease.

We have a period of 8 weeks to make change happen.

We will be releasing a suite of letters, instructions and names of TD's to target over the coming week.

This project stands the single biggest chance of reversing the Covid-19 laws in the shortest space of time - but to make this happen we need the support of thousands of people.

Please watch and spread the word.

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Caption: 8 Weeks To Reverse Covid-19 Laws

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