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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

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The Dangers of Being Filmed By Garda Siochana

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Tuesday April 27, 2021 22:40author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot comReport this post to the editors

Remembering Dara Quigley

Is it really the Gardai that should be afraid of being filmed?

The shamelessness of the band of useful idiots in Ireland, referred to as An Garda Siochana, was crystal-clear after they responded to the actions of Sunday morning, in which they cruelly emptied a church in Athlone, Ireland of its devotees.

The level of self-delusion is astonishing. They are now proving to be a cult group who are so removed from reality that they have to be relegated to the fringes of society. They have no place among the decent people of Ireland and deserve to be shunned and treated as pariahs. An army of sycophants, they could see no wrong in their actions. Instead, it was we the people who were expected to answer for ourselves, as we had hurt the feelings of the over-sensitive men and women of Ireland’s policing force. By filming them and widely sharing footage of their Fascist behaviour throughout the nation, we had put their safety at risk, we were told. No mention of the elderly lady whose faith was spat on as she was quickly forced to return to her feet; thugs disrespectfully interrupting her Sunday morning prayers. Not a word of the gentleman, accompanied by his child, who was unceremoniously ejected from the house of God. No sympathy for the young priest who was banished from his altar.

The Gardai, with help from their media mouthpieces, were very quick in defending their actions, and in the typical inversion of Masons, turned the tables on the public, who were instead admonished.

The Pravda Gazette of the nation, the Irish Examiner, reported on their front page;

“Gardai ‘under threat due to filming”

They quoted the Garda Representative Association (GRA) as saying that the filming of Gardai is a;

“threat to their safety”

It was even suggested by one politician, Cathal Crowe, that a ban be placed on the videoing of Ireland’s Yellow Streak Brigade. He said;

“It is not good enough for people to be taunting them with videos, there should be no videoing of Gardai allowed.”

And Chief Superintendent, Sean Colleran stated;

“Our job is hard enough without people videoing us.”

If indeed you’re one of the few remaining people who have respect for this group, after witnessing them in action on Sunday as they waged war on the faithful of the country, and on listening to their mealy-mouthed garbage in the days after, you most probably are a person who can be seen wearing a mask while driving alone. Good luck to you! Until you’re ready to join the rest of us back down on Planet Earth, we’ll move on without you.

It, of course, should be no surprise to learn that a similar whiney approach was taken by the Metropolitan Police in London and Home Secretary, Priti Patel, after officers had been chased out of a park at the weekend by a freedom-demanding group of Brits who were enjoying an afternoon of music, singing and dancing. Their get-together was disturbed when they were set upon by uniformed gangsters of the State, without any justifiable provocation whatsoever. Of course, the emasculated force never made any mention of that part. Typical bullies, they ran like frightened rats as soon as the public pushed back against the aggressions. It was pitiful watching the cops cower and flee, as they waddled off to find Mummy Patel. Their crybaby antics were reported by the fakestream media, of course, and they were portrayed as the victims. Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to the fact that, like the Garda Siochana, the Metropolitan Police are no victims, but instead, vicious louts who have betrayed the peoples of their respected nations. Hence, little to no sympathy was forthcoming.

Problem, reaction, solution was in play in Ireland in the days after the ‘threatening’ video of the Athlone incident, when we were to learn that the only way to address this situation was to supply the corrupted police personnel with more weapons to use against the taxpayers, such as hi-tech tools of surveillance. It is now being reported that Justice Minister, Helen McEntee is expected to sign in the Garda Siochana Digital Recording Bill, which will legalise the use of recording devices such as cameras and drones, to be used by the Irish police in their line of duty. This will of course bring Ireland one step closer to the dystopian nightmare to come, and will in no doubt be pushed through, as a fluoride-intoxicated, Netflix-loving majority remain in a zombie-like state.

Incidentally, the very same person, Justice McEntee, spoke at a press conference today in regards to the immigrant situation in Ireland and declared that it was her goal to ensure that the people who are currently breaking the nation’s immigration laws are able to;

“….live their lives in the best way possible.”

These words are uttered as the population of the nation are prohibited from working in their chosen careers, travelling overseas on a vacation, enjoying a meal in a restaurant or sitting in a pub with their friends and family. I assume that ‘living lives in the best way possible’ does not apply to Irish citizens who are living their lives under a Communist Dictatorship, one which McEntee is part and parcel of. For that reason, I believe we can safely say that the credibility and trustworthiness of what comes out of her mouth is questionable, to say the least.

The idea of a ban on videoing police officers, needless to say, is atrocious. It is reminiscent of a law that you would expect to be passed in North Korea or Eritrea. In January, a similar rule was proposed by Macron’s government in France, but was met with outrage by the French people. The population rejected it outright. It remains to be seen if in Ireland, a nation that’s people has allowed their legislators to decimate their agriculture, fishing and peat production industries and sat back as businesses have been wiped out by government-imposed lockdowns, will have the intestinal fortitude or the interest this time to stand up to their oppressors. Judging by recent history, it is very doubtful.

But is it true that the safety of police officers is compromised when they are filmed as they perform their duties? Does sharing the footage pose a risk to the officer in question?

Or perhaps, is it a case that lives are put in danger, instead, when it is the members of the police force that are doing the filming? Is it their surveillance of Irish citizens that do more harm?

Strangely, when discussing this topic, brashly finger-wagging and lecturing to the Irish public, neither Sean Colleran nor Cathal Crowe bothered to bring up the incident that has caused the most harm to the public, as a result of someone being filmed on our island. Oddly, the Irish Examiner didn’t mention this either in their reporting of ‘Gardai under threat’ and there was nothing in the text that even alluded to it.

What all of the above failed to mention was that the most damaging consequences that have ever transpired in Ireland after the filming by one human being of another was, in actual fact, created by the Gardai Siochana themselves. It was, in all reality, the filming of a member of the public by the nation’s police force that resulted in the death of a young, Irish woman by the name of Dara Quigley. Colleran, Crowe, the GRA, the Examiner and the rest of Ireland’s media haven’t mentioned the callous act committed by the force which resulted in Dara’s suicide and they fail to mention that no one, to this day, has been held accountable for it.

Dara Quigley was a young lady from Dublin who worked as a journalist and had a history of suffering from mental health issues. On an evening in April 2017 she fell victim to an unfortunate psychotic episode. This bout of mental illness caused Dara to take to the streets of the city and, not in complete command of her full cognitive capacity, she began to strip off. She would soon be seen walking around naked by other pedestrians and, inevitably, caught the attention of the Garda Siochana who spotted her on the CCTV equipment they were filming from. Eventually, Dara would be arrested and her state of mental health became clear to the officers.

This should have been the end of the story. But with the renowned mendacity of the Yellow Streak Brigade and the knowledge of the treatment of those that they have kidnapped throughout the decades (particularly women and juveniles), we cannot expect the story to have a happy ending.

One of the sociopaths of our police force, shortly after Dara had been arrested, decided to pay a visit to the CCTV control room and used their phone to record the images of her stroll in the nude through Dublin. The officer then shared the recording on a Whatsapp group where it was viewed 120,000 times. Dara Quigley would soon find out about this and was mortified. The knowledge that she, in such a vulnerable state, had her images released so broadly and that they were so widely viewed, horrified her. She dreaded to think that she had been mocked and laughed at by such a vast amount of people, as they viewed her walking without any clothes on during a drop in her psychological condition. Dara was, understandably immensely ashamed and embarrassed. The trauma of the event was too much for her - a person who was already at the receiving end of troubling psychological problems.

As a result, she ended her own life.

Her death by suicide occurred on the 12th of April 2017.

As of this day, the person who recorded and shared Dara’s video has not been named and they have not been brought to justice.

In my book, The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies, I warn of the dangers of putting too much control into the hands of a gang of psychopaths such as An Garda Siochana. I document their many pre-COVID crimes and put across the need for resistance against the emergence of a police state, using Ireland’s force as an example of the irresponsibility and brutality that disqualifies police from having unchecked power. One of the dastardly acts I cover is the aforementioned. However, there are many, many more.

So when the Garda Representative Association speaks of ‘the threat to safety’ of Irish law enforcement agents, they willfully ignore the threat to the safety of the Irish public presented by the Garda Siochana. Until they address this threat and cease using Goebbles-Bernays propaganda via the Examiner and State-broadcaster RTE, the Irish public will continue to be disgusted by their hypocrisy. When the GRA and the relevant authorities begin by acknowledging the harm that their personnel have caused through the years to families like the Quigleys, perhaps then they will be taken seriously. When they see to it that the person responsible for Dara’s death is punished for their horrendous crime, perhaps then they can bring up the topic of the safety of the Gardai.

Until then, there can be no mistake, like with other nations across the world, Ireland’s people are subjected to an environment where the safety of the general public, and in particular to vulnerable people like Dara Quigley, remains at risk by a vicious force that holds a monopoly on violence.

The threat to the safety of Gardai that is caused by the filming of them by members of the civilian population pales in comparison to the threat that Dara Quigley’s life was under when she was filmed by Gardai themselves. This is something that cannot be forgotten by the people of Ireland.

Nor should those in power be allowed to forget it either.

Gary Jordan


The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

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