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Ireland's Department of (In)Justice

category national | crime and justice | opinion/analysis author Wednesday July 14, 2021 17:50author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot comauthor address NAReport this post to the editors

Amnesty For Predators, Prison For The Unmasked

Why are Irish people allowing sexual deviants and molesters of children to walk free as Grandmothers are thrown in jail?

Having spent a year and a half reciting the ‘protect grandma’ mantra, the debased government of Ireland yesterday imprisoned one.

66-year-old Irish grandmother from County Cork, Margaret Buttimer, was sentenced to a 3-month stint in the slammer for the crime of entering retail outlets without a mask. It was also recommended that she undergo an MRI scan - authorities using Leo Varadkar’s preferred Bolshevik tactic of deeming those who refuse to comply with their arbitrary mandates as insane. Justification for the lack of leniency was, of course, given by the Judge who cited the dangers of the pandemic - the same pandemic that, some months, resulted in the lowest death rates the country has seen for years.

Reading about this today, I immediately thought of other court cases that I have read about in Ireland over the past couple of years or so. For example;

30-year-old, Keelan Lanigan, pleaded guilty in May 2021 to possessing pornographic photographs of children aged 10 and 11-years-old. The images were discovered on his laptop by Gardai at his home in Foxrock, Dublin. Judge Elma Sheahan reminded Lanigan that ‘a child somewhere in the world is being abused’ and that ‘it is not a victimless crime’. After acknowledging this, she allowed him to walk out of the courthouse anyway, giving him a suspended sentence. Lanigan was pictured sporting a grin from ear to ear, evidently ecstatic with the mechanisms of the Irish Justice system.

59-year-old married man and father of four children, John Smith was arrested after he enticed a 15-year-old schoolgirl into his van in Dublin on two separate occasions and masturbated in front of her. In 2019, he appeared before Judge Martin Nolan, who took great pity on Smith when he learned that the pervert had just lost his brother and was going through marital issues. Judge Nolan gave him a fully suspended sentence agreeing that he was under ‘incredible strain.’ No mention was made of the ‘incredible strain’ the victim had been placed under.

28-year-old Alex McMillan from Dublin was another sexual deviant who appeared in front of Judge Martin Nolan in 2019. Gardai discovered that he was in possession of child pornography after tracing images from an email address that he was using. On raiding his premises, they discovered over 300 pornographic videos on his computer and evidence showed that he was also distributing them to other paedophiles. Nolan passed down a three-year sentence to McMillian, which he fully suspended after been told that the defendant was coming to terms with his sexuality.

Raymond McGarry was at an open-air music festival in Co. Kildare when he noticed a mother sitting nearby with her children, aged between six and 17. He took it upon himself to approach the lady and proceeded to fondle and sexually assault her in front of them. At his court case in May 2021, it was revealed that McGarry had nine previous convictions, including some for assault. Regardless, Judge Patrick Quinn allowed him to walk out of the courthouse, free to commit the same crimes again, when he handed him down a suspended sentence.

More recently, 47-year-old William D’Arcy appeared in court in Dublin after been caught in possession of child pornography. Over 3000 photographs and 300 videos were discovered on his computer and it is believed that he was distributing them to like-minded sickos. At his first appearance, he was granted bail by Judge Bryan Smith and left with the promise that he would not use the internet, nor be around children. Happy in the knowledge that warped, mentally deranged paedophiles always keep their promises, those presiding over the hearing agreed with the decision and there were no objections to having this grotesque creature back on the streets of Dublin again.

Muhammed Akrum was working as a retail assistant in a Lidl store in Co. Longford when he sexually molested a 7-year-old boy who had momentarily left his mother’s sight. Akrum appeared in front of Judge Seamus Hughes in March 2020 and pleaded not guilty. On his second visit two months later, he admitted to the crime. Judge Hughes described the incident as merely ‘a…. fleeting touch of the boy’s genitals’ and fined the perpetrator €250. So empathetic was he towards the abuser, he even set up an interest-free payment plan for him so Akrum was allowed to split the €250 over three months, making it a more manageable arrangement. Hughes also advised that it was not ‘appropriate to give him a suspended sentence.’

The compassion for and support of paedophiles in Ireland is not new. For decades, whether it be a Fianna Fail or a Fine Gael government in power, State actors have shown nothing but affinity towards those who abuse and defile children. It is part and parcel of what both parties have stood for. Since the foundation of the nation, Ireland’s children have had a bullseye target on their heads. This is true on both sides of the border. At the same time the police force of the nation, An Garda Siochana, was collaborating with perverse priests of the Catholic Church, children in Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland were been trafficked and raped by a degenerate political class. Today, those who have survived the State-backed abuse are met with contempt and viewed as being a nuisance. Any cry out for compensation, redress or justice is met with mockery and neglect. This attitude continues today as the Irish government, under Micheal Martin, fail to address the sins that were suffered by the abused in the nation’s Mother and Baby Homes and the national schools.

The Irish government consistently proves that it is as far away from a government for, by and of the people as it has ever been. The war they wage on citizens like Margaret Buttimer, when contrasted with their documented position on sex offenders and low-life child abusers, shows that the Justice System in the nation is deeply flawed and distorted. James McNulty, the Judge who sentenced Margaret Buttimer, is one of a long list of Irish Judges who do not know of or care for justice. Instead he, like his colleagues, is an architect of injustice - part of a coterie that sides with the sociopaths and excuses the reprobates.

What also remains unchanged in Ireland is the mindset of the people. When children were been beaten and abused behind closed doors throughout the decades, those who had an obligation to protect them were busy bowing at the altar of the abusers. Ignoring the signs that were laid in front of them, they refused to believe the evidence of their eyes and ears - just as the ruling class wanted them to. The same happens today.

Now, we live in a land that sees Judges jail elderly grandmothers for victimless crimes while debauched maniacs are let off scot-free. And what do the famed Celtic warriors of our country do to rectify this? Nothing. Sat at home watching Netflix and the Late Late Show in their man caves, self-medicating with cheap beer and pharmaceuticals, Irish ‘men’ are more than happy to tolerate a government that inverts justice, even if it means that their very own children may one day be unfortunate enough to encounter the government-supported sexual deviants of the nation. Best to stay home and wear a mask, while the State unleashes their paedophile army onto the streets of the cities and towns of Ireland.

The Department of Justice is a Department of Injustice.

The biggest injustice though is that the people of the nation allow it.

Gary Jordan
Author - The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

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