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Resisting The Reich

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Tuesday February 15, 2022 16:11author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Germany's Grotesque Police State

The foundations of a Nazi hellscape have been laid.

“The (First) Reich, as one historian put it, was “artificially stabilized at a medieval level of confusion and weakness.” Germany never recovered from this setback. Acceptance of autocracy, of blind obedience to the petty tyrants who ruled as princes, became ingrained in the German mind.” - William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

Throughout German history, there has never been a short supply of compliance. Willing slaves and useful state-funded, establishment idiots have, historically, never been shy of ‘following orders’. For this reason, since its foundation, the country has been both a wet dream and a petri dish for the ruling sadist of the day.

A land that has been plunged into the darkest depths of hell imaginable by outright tyranny and authoritarianism on all-too-many occasions, the majority of its people today, regretfully, remain oblivious to the eventuality of history repeating itself, even as the agonies, miseries and torments of the past begin to rear their ugly heads once again for anyone with eyes to see. Sadly, it seems that vast numbers have either failed to learn from yesteryear or chosen not to - as the boot of despotism comes down on their faces with as much force as it ever has before.

The nation’s leaders outdo even Australia’s in the level of extreme Fascist terror they have inflicted on their people over the past two years. Police brutality, which has not been seen since Gestapo agents prowled the streets of the nation’s towns and cities in the 1930s and 40s, is rife. Basic rights and civil liberties have been obliterated and cities have become digital concentration camps.

But just like in days gone by, most have acquiesced and resumed ‘acceptance of autocracy’ and ‘blind obedience to the petty tyrants’. They have ignored the wrongs and injustices carried out before them and wilfully obeyed the diktats. It thus proves that, as Shirer surmised, submission to authority has been ingrained in the collective mind.

The few who have been lucky enough to escape this intrinsic, built-in personality disorder, the medieval conditioning and the enduring, archaic love of conformity are met with scorn as they are scolded and pushed back in line by bubble-headed yes-men who still suffer from the centuries-old hard wiring. We can only hope and pray that the voices of the brave, free and independent Germans, who desperately attempt to raise the alarm amidst a storm of gormless docility, can be heard, so as to put an end to the unsightly oppression and to free their spell-bound brethren from the hypnotic goose-step.

Failing this, Germany is, once again, destined for atrocities.

For those who may view this as an exaggeration, it is worth reflecting on what the nation’s people have been put through over the past few months alone by a corrupted police force and a malicious Globalist government of occupation. Anyone paying attention to recent events in the nation will be hard-pressed to deny that there are striking parallels between the Germany of the 1930s and the Germany of today.

A mere sampling of this includes:

A decree that would legalize the slaughter of ‘anti-vaxxers’ on the streets.

On January 26th 2022, in the town of Ostfildern, near Stuttgart, Socialist Mayor Christof Bolay issued a decree that would allow for the shooting of peaceful activists against COVID-19 measures.

The raiding of a school by government forces.

On January 20th in the village of Erlangen, Bavaria, heavily armed German police officers stormed a private school that had been set up by parents who refused to obey mask regulations set out by the Department of Education. Officers in full uniform, dressed in black, and armed with automatic rifles and batons entered the residence, after smashing the door down with a battering ram. 15 children, aged between 4 to 14, were then separated from their parents and interrogated at length. The children’s parents were then forced to file missing person’s reports before they were allowed to be reunited with their kids.

Illegal surveillance of citizens by police using the COVID-19 app.

Police force personnel in Germany were discovered to have been using a COVID track and trace app illegally in an effort to hunt down potential witnesses to the death of a man outside a pub in the Rhineland-Palatinate region. 21 people were subsequently accosted after the police department used the app to retrieve the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those who were present in the bar on the night of the death.

The dehumanisation of the unvaccinated minority by police.

A disturbing altercation was posted on Twitter on December 21st 2021 in which a German police officer told a man he was ‘a murderer’ and ‘not a human’ because he was unvaccinated and ‘might infect someone.’

Censorship of alternative media outlets.

In December 2021, German media regulator MABB (Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg) forced European satellite operator, Eutelsat, to remove the broadcast of Moscow-based, German-language channel RT DE from its service.

The emergence of Fascist private/public partnerships.

Corporate lobbyists, including Pfizer and Microsoft, were among the sponsors of the current ruling party’s executive committee in 2021. This would go a long way in explaining the proposed compulsory vaccination program that is planned by the nation’s political class and the fervent push to vaccinate every man, woman and child in Germany.

The meticulous enforcement of arbitrary regulations.

A video in Dec 2021 showed German police officers in Frankfurt using measuring sticks to ensure that people at an anti-mandate protest were following social distancing rules. This came exactly one week after Frankfurt Police Department had posted a photo of the measuring sticks on Twitter, stating that they would be using them to consistently verify compliance to the COVID-19 rules.

Excessive government power, e.g, the ban on dancing.

At the beginning of December 2021, during the senseless Omicron hysteria, at a special session of the Senate of Berlin, it was decided that, whereas bars, restaurants and nightclubs would be allowed to remain open, it was completely forbidden for a patron to dance in a nightclub and those who did would be punished accordingly.

Citizens steered to suicide by draconian rules and regulations.

In December 2021, a 40-year-old man killed his wife and three kids before committing suicide in a town just outside Berlin. It was later revealed that he had left a suicide note behind which outlined his fear of being jailed and having his children taken from him after he was caught in possession of a falsified COVID-19 vaccination certificate which he purchased on the black market to overcome restrictions.

The dissemination of Nazi-era rhetoric.

A German comedian, Sarah Bosetti, who hosts a podcast on Germany’s public broadcast network, ZDF, publically opined on her show that ‘anti-vaxxers’, along with ‘right-wingers’, were the ‘appendix’ of society and, therefore, should be removed entirely. Despite much criticism, she belligerently stuck by her hate-filled words and claimed that no one would notice the absence of such people if they were somehow cut off or separated from the rest of German society.

Forcible incarceration in camps.

To date, there has been a significant number of people who German authorities have physically dragged away to isolation camps against their will. Prisons have even been used by the government to detain those deemed a public health threat and many citizens have been subjected to 24-hour surveillance.

Forcible house arrest of the unvaccinated.

In early December 2021, the German government announced that those who had refused to be injected with a COVID-19 jab would be placed under lockdown and have their right to move freely and unhindered in the nation restricted. They would be held against their will under house arrest and barred from visiting establishments such as bars, restaurants, sports stadiums and cinemas.

The banning of the unvaccinated minority from public transport.

In November 2021, German lawmakers approved new measures that would ban unvaccinated people from using all forms of public transport.

The suppression of peaceful dissent.

There have been too many instances of this to mention. However, one example can be found in the Leipzig demonstrations that occurred against COVID-19 mandates in early November 2021. The rally was declared illegal and armoured police vehicles, water cannons, pepper spray and heavily armed troops in riot gear were deployed, as police blocked the city’s ring-road in an attempt to put an end to the march.

The murder of children by medical tyrants.

Again, there are, tragically, too many cases of this to mention - despite the mainstream media spinning it as ‘rare’. One example though is the death of a 12-year-old boy from the German district of Cuxhaven which occurred two days after he was injected with a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Autopsy reports indicate that he was killed as a direct result of the experimental, unapproved jab.

Segregation in the workplace.

Major companies in Germany such as Bayer, Eon and Alltours have decided to go back to Nazi-era apartheid measures in the workplace by having partitions in place for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the canteens.

Allowing businesses to ban shoppers based on their vaccination status.

The German state of Hesse was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons in October 2021, when it became the first state to allow businesses to deny access to the unvaccinated. This includes supermarkets and pharmacies that sell essential items such as food, water and medicine. Starving a member of the unvaccinated minority to death in the State of Hesse is not only legal but encouraged.

Rampant state-sponsored propaganda.

Like the rest of the world’s populations, German people have been subjected to incessant fear porn and scaremongering throughout the entire ‘pandemic’. Proving that Josef Goebbels was right when he said that ‘propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with truth’, some German media outlets were ultimately forced to issue apologies for their lies-infested bulletins. So insidious was the fear-based coverage that Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of Bild apologised for telling children they were ‘going to murder their grandma.’

The brutal assaults on peaceful protestors.

From the elderly lady, simply walking past a police officer who was dressed in full riot gear, been grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground, to the young child who was coming to the aid of his mother (as she was been attacked herself by a police officer) when he was manhandled aggressively and pushed to the cement floor by his head, peaceful protestors of all ages have been brutalised and battered by a spineless gang of badge-wielding German thugs who make Ernst Rohm’s Stormtroopers look like choir boys.

The population are afraid of speaking out of line.

A survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy found that the majority of Germans believe that the right to freedom of speech is jeopardised and that they feel uneasy about discussing certain topics for fear of consequences.

Persecution of the judiciary.

After District Court Judge Christiaan Dettmar ruled that schools were prohibited from requiring children to wear masks during class, he was mercilessly subjected to the full force of Germany’s Fascist Police State. Viewing his decision as an inconvenience to government agendas, modern-day SS goons were sicced and both his office and private premises were raided. The judge’s mobile phone was also confiscated and a full ‘investigation’ would commence.

The silencing of journalists who question the narrative.

The tiny number of actual journalists (those who genuinely want to investigate and uncover the truth, as opposed to the script-reading propaganda spewers of the mainstream media) that are left in Germany have been censored and discredited. Some, even within the state-controlled media departments, have had enough of the Nazi-like assault on the free press. Ole Skambraks was so fatigued by being met with ‘a shocked silence’ any time criticism of the official narrative was voiced that he resigned his position as an employee of German public broadcaster, ARD. He described a culture in which anyone who doubts the approved ‘scientific consensus’ would ‘reap indignation and scorn.’

Tagging unvaccinated customers with coloured wristbands.

Germany’s largest amusement park, Europa-Park, began a process in August of 2021 of labelling its unvaccinated customers with coloured wristbands. The measures resulted in outrage, with many comparing it to the tagging of Jews in the Third Reich with the Yellow Star, forcing the company to end its insane protocol.

Dissident dies in police custody.

The ruthless attacks on people protesting COVID-19 mandates and restrictions have been undeniably a world apart from the velvet glove treatment given to the protestors of radical Leftist NGO-funded groups in the US and Europe. With such brutal action being taken by police worldwide against the ‘New Normal’ protests, it was only a matter of time before a demonstrator was killed. This, of course, would be destined to happen in Germany - a country by now renowned for its sadistic police force. After police harassed a 49-year-old protestor in Berlin and detained him for exercising his right to speak out against government overreach, the man began to complain of chest pain and a tingling feeling in his arm. Shortly after he collapsed and died of cardiac arrest.

Refusing life-saving treatment of sick children.

Germany was but one of three supposedly civil, progressive nations that closed its doors on a 3-year-old boy who was in desperate need of life-saving heart surgery. Along with Israel and the UK, Germany refused to allow the child to be treated in its hospitals due to his parents not being vaccinated. This is something worth remembering next time you hear the Globalist reptiles argue in favour of uncontrolled, mass immigration and tell you that is implemented out of ‘empathy’ and ‘compassion’ for those in need.

The expansion of the state security apparatus.

Recent amendments made to German legislation have granted the Federal Police (Bundespolizei) powers that have not been granted to law enforcement and state security departments in the nation since World War II. The changes allow the police to restrict the most basic freedoms of German citizens without any requirement for judicial authorisation. It is now perfectly legal, for example, for police and secret services to tap into the computers and electronic devices of its citizens in order to gather data on targeted individuals, even if there is no evidence of any criminal conduct. Predictably, the main focus of these legislative changes is anyone who may be ‘guilty’ of spreading the ‘propaganda material of anti-constitutional organisations.’

Mandatory indoctrination.

The right of the parent in Germany to educate their children as they so wish to is secondary to the state’s demand that they attend government-licensed schools. Every child is therefore obliged to be indoctrinated with the dogmas of the elites and should parents object, they are likely to be subjected to the same treatment as the families in the aforementioned school in Erlangen, Bavaria.

And it seems that this is just the beginning of a technocratic push to strip every individual in Germany of what little rights they have been spared, as the German government proceed with their plans of total control. Attempts are even being made at present to deny the people of the nation the right to bodily autonomy. Ironically, it has recently been reported that the German Ethics Council has given the thumbs up to one of the most unethical policies imaginable - mandatory vaccinations. As it looks at present, the Bundestag representatives are uncertain if they will find a majority to back the policy in parliament. It remains to be seen if they will be able to legalise this violent chemical attack en masse on the people, as has been done in neighbouring Austria.

Admittedly, Germany is not alone when it comes to the increasingly rapid descent into full-blown absolutism. But it stands out in particular, alongside Australia and Italy, in its extreme shift towards human rights-eroding, brutal, Fascistic treatment of the people. Chillingly, it may very well be what awaits the rest of the world.

The thought of Germany's return to Reich tyranny and oppression should be enough to spring every one of their citizens to action. There should be zero tolerance for the reconstruction of a hellscape that has been created within the country's borders too many times before.

A return to the Reich should be resisted at all costs by all Germans.

Gary Jordan
The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies
Paperback / Ebook

Writes for The Irish Sentinel

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