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offsite link Ministers Created Confusion by Not Differentiating Between Lockdown Guidance and Law, Police Watchdo... Tue Apr 20, 2021 11:49 | Michael Curzon
Police have not been given enough notice about changes in the law and guidance relating to Covid, about which ministers added further confusion by not differentiating between the two, says Britain's police watchdog.
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offsite link More Than 810,000 UK Workers Have Lost Jobs since March 2020 Tue Apr 20, 2021 09:13 | Michael Curzon
56,000 Brits lost their jobs last month, taking the total number of losses to 813,000 over the past year of lockdowns, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.
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offsite link You Can Catch Covid Twice ? But it?s Very Rare and Very Mild Tue Apr 20, 2021 01:40 | Will Jones
Alarmist claims about Covid reinfections are being used to encourage young people to get vaccinated even when they've already had the virus. But dig down deeper into the study being used and the truth is quite different.
The post You Can Catch Covid Twice ? But it’s Very Rare and Very Mild appeared first on Lockdown Sceptics.

offsite link News Round Up Tue Apr 20, 2021 00:58 | Jonathan Barr
A summary of all the most interesting stories that have appeared about the virus in the past 24 hours ? not just in Britain, but around the world.
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offsite link Britain Records Lowest Daily Covid Death Toll Since the Start of September Mon Apr 19, 2021 19:00 | Michael Curzon
The Department of Health recorded just four Covid deaths in the past 24 hours ? the lowest number since September 7th, when three deaths were announced.
The post Britain Records Lowest Daily Covid Death Toll Since the Start of September appeared first on Lockdown Sceptics.

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All the Mayday News That Fits to Print:

category international | summit mobilisations | feature author Thursday April 15, 2004 13:41author by all sorts compiled Report this post to the editors

IMC IRL combat rampant hype * Plan a centre: 'Royston Brady threatens to come open it': sez Wag


INDYMEDIA CENTRE NOW OPEN: Independent Media Festival Details
"The Indymedia Ireland collective and Community Media Network invite you to a Festival rich with events including: screenings of independent media from around the world; workshops on video and audio editing; talks by independent media producers; workshops on Free Software and exhibitions of photography by Indymedia contributors. There will also be fora on topics including the role of the media in Ireland, the Mayday protests, what's really going on in the EU, and much more. You are invited to learn and do and teach, to hang out at the new Indymedia Center cafe and more importantly, in keeping with the ethos of Indymedia, you are requested and urged to come down and help out between 12 and 6pm from today onwards. We are also asking people to send us Printed Material for the Exhibition." "Virtual warriors hit the street eh?’ sez one wag: ‘probably sick of tearing down walls in cyberspace."

Can't Hit the Street on Mayday? Join the EuroMayday Netparade
'A virtual demo that runs thru a heavily guarded and branded city put under siege by insurgent legions of brain+chain+temp workers and assorted anarchists, commies, queers and greens. The marching avatars are digital simulacra of today's exploited masses of neoliberalism: précaires, precari@s, precari, cognitarie, contingent knowledge and service workers'

MAYDAY, MAYDAY!! Why precari@s, intermittents, cognitari/e are rebelling across NEUROPA...
We are convinced that at the core of the process of neoliberal accumulation lies flexible and contingent labor by the young, women, migrants and casualized employees, in crucial reproductive and distribution services, and in the knowledge, culture, and media industries that provide the raw material on which the system functions: information >>>

MayDAY ViDeoBLOg; Film reLEase dAte - ENd of MAy;
'A Garda Spokesperrson said they were Powerless to stop the Video' (Examiner, 3/4/04) *1* *2* *3*

Dublin Council of Trade Unions by 11-10 (The narrowest of margins) vote down ATGWU Motion calling on The DCTU to have their May Day March as normal on May 1ST this year (2004)
"Some of the stuff said by some of the DCTU Delegates was absolutely appalling, and they were following the black media propaganda of "thousands of armed anarchists going to reign terror on the law abiding citizens of Dublin on May Day" (I kid you not! This load of bollocks was repeated several times by a number of the Delegates last night, and not matter how many times we rebutted their lies, they kept repeating them)".

2 + 2 = 15,000! Mainstream Media Mayday Maths Mix-up! How many people are ACTUALLY coming?
"Of course, the number is invented, for various reasons. It helps to create a climate of fear and tension if the public is led to believe that a "tidal wave" of "hate-filled" anarchists are arriving on Irish shores (similar to the methods used by the media to create hysteria surrounding asylum seekers and refugees). . . But the real reason, I suspect, is that the Special Branch and the Detective Unit are worried that some day soon, they will sit down at their desks to a P45 (they really shouldn't worry with a law & order jackboot thug like McDowell at the helm)."

Padded Bloc - get your a foam on!
"With all the unjustified media hype and furore, unfortunately the potential for many Gardai to be anxious, over-excited, and ultimately violent towards protesters over the course of the weekend exists. The advance scaremongering measures used by certain childish sections of the media, and the Gardai, mean that infringements of our civil liberties may well go unchallenged. We have to protect ourselves against a Government that may well try use its military and police force to physically injure its own citizens and others, i.e. us, the ordinary people."

Dublin masked rioters inspired by Iraq's 'Comical Ali'
Members all wear distinctive 'Dublin City Riot' gang colours and arm themselves with long sticks.

Mayday Hype Print Edition
Print out and Share with your friends of keep it yourself

Special Ongoing Special mayday Mayday Edition
of Indymedia Free with this hastily typed feature . . . . is available here - :-|'

Poetry Corner
"dont believe the hype it's a sequel
imc irl has got no equal
when it comes to the speed of the moves
we move faster than the hooves
of those horses
for policemens courses"
'Ya Boy0z show 'em what ya got - keep on spinning the wheels of steel': sez another Wag.

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author by Hoppity Too - nonepublication date Fri Apr 16, 2004 19:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The bit about the indymedia center says that help is needed. What sort of help?

author by help?publication date Fri Apr 16, 2004 19:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

carpenters electricians computer heads - a projector that could be borrowed - cleanup - suggestions for additions to programme at the contact address given on that page.

author by . - .publication date Sat Apr 17, 2004 19:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors




author by Klingon Patrolpublication date Sun Apr 18, 2004 14:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Gardai armed for May Day

18/04/04 00:00

By Barry O Kelly, Crime Correspondent

Armed gardai will patrol the streets of every Dublin city Garda district from tomorrow week as part of an unprecedented security operation to combat violent protests during the EU May Day celebrations.

The Sunday Business Post has learned that gardai will have six water cannons on standby, that surveillance will be mounted on ports, hotels and guest houses, and that a record 7,800 officers - more than half the force - will be on duty on May 1. The armed street patrols will begin six days before the celebrations on May 1.

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author by redjadepublication date Wed Apr 21, 2004 01:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A Sanctuary for Dissent

Going to where the silence is. That is the responsibility of a journalist: giving a voice to those who have been forgotten, forsaken, and beaten down by the powerful. It is the best reason I know to carry our pens, cameras and microphones into our own communities and out to the wider world.


That's why people are so hungry for independent media – and are starting to make their own.

By Amy Goodman
host of Democracy Now!, [ ] which airs on more than 200 radio and TV stations across the United States and around the world. David Goodman is the author, most recently, of "Fault Lines: Journeys into the New South Africa."

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author by Daybellpublication date Fri Jan 14, 2005 13:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Of the many poets of the Great War, one who received several pages in the print editions of the Penguin paperback war anthologies is Isaac Rosenberg.
For various reasons, his prophetic telling work is not found that readily online.
Well now with editors permission, one of his poems will take its place as a comment to the Mayday Mayday compilation.

Soldier : Twentieth Century

I love you, great new Titan!
Am I not you?
Napoleon and Caesar
Out of you grew.

Out of unthinkable torture,
Eyes kissed by death,
Won back to the world again,
Lost and won in a breath,

Cruel men are made immortal,
Out of your pain born.
They stolen the sun's power
With their feet on your shoulders worn.

Let them shrink from your girth,
That has outgrown the pallid days,
When you slept like Circe's swine,
Or a word in the brain's ways.

(I'll think you agree that is thought provoking and scans nicely) and was followed by "the Girl to soldier on leave" goto a bookshops or library read the rest.
another poem by Rosenberg - sure why not?
The Tower of Skulls

These layers of piled-up skulls,
these layesr of gleaming horror - stark horror!
Ah me! through my thin hands they touch my eyes.

Everywhere, everywhere is a pregnant birth,
and here in death's land is a pregnant birth.
Your own crying is less mortal
that the amazing soul in your body.

Your own crying yon parrot takes up
and from your empty skull cries it afterwards.

Those whose dark activities unenchanted
days from gyrating days, suspending them
to thrust them far from sight, from the gyrating days
which have gone widening on and left us here,
cast derelicts lost for ever.

When aged flesh looks down on tender brood;
for he knows between his thin ribs' walls
the giant universe, the interminable
Panorama - synods, myths and creeds,
He knows his dust from his seed.

(I suggest that our young and old people read the poetry of Rosenberg, and learn that that poet's name means more than merely one character from the block busting movie "pelican brief" with the truly gorgeous prety girl with the longest legs imaginable whose name i can't quite remember)

This poetry by Isaac Rosenberg has now been published TODAY Jan.14/1/MMV
according to
Creative Commons License,
Oscailt operating License,
Copyleft and is free to reproduce, recite, qoute in part or full using any physical or electronic means
for non-commercial use.

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