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Protest For Release of Prisoners at Mountjoy Prison / Report / Photos

category dublin | summit mobilisations | news report author Friday April 30, 2004 21:32author by redjade

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author by redjadepublication date Fri Apr 30, 2004 13:35author address author phone

{ photos by redjade }




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author by circuspublication date Fri Apr 30, 2004 14:14author address author phone

Around midday (30/04) aproximatly 50 people held a solidarity protest outside Mountjoy Prison, where two UK nationals have been held.


Earlier in the morning (11:00am) there was a support contingent of around 15 people, they later joined by around another 35, carrying a banner saying 'Our passion for freedom is stronger than your prisons'. Outside the prision gate they made a noisy demo, distributed leaflets and information and to attempt to let those currently incarcerated that there was support outside.

At around 12:00pm the support group moved off from the site of the prison and a small demo marched and chanted in the streets then back to the prision.

They came back shortly after and congregated around the prison gates. A police inspector came and asked them to move to the side and 'who was their leader'! The protesters said they would move if the prisonsers were released!!... they didn't oblige!!

There was a presence of aproixmatly 8 police and 2 vans - low-key.

There was a small corporate, mainstream media presence - slogans where shouted against them and their presence was unpopular.

The prisoner solidarity demo ended outside a memorial garden dedicated to those who gave thier lives in the Irish national struggle.

author by sidpublication date Fri Apr 30, 2004 14:28author address author phone

while that's a nice sign, wouldn't it have been quicker/more effective to just bail them out?

author by publication date Fri Apr 30, 2004 14:37author address author phone

Have heard reports of accomodation places being raided? i.e. people's flats. Any news?

author by shy guypublication date Fri Apr 30, 2004 20:39author address author phone

garda house guys watch


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