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garda harassment

category dublin | summit mobilisations | news report author Saturday May 01, 2004 16:45author by Indyheads

Gardai intimidation of protestors

Somethings worth doing only if you're getting paid

Across from the attempted convergence center, four cops (one bike, one plain clothes, and two in a car) this indymedia reporter witnessed three people stopped and searched three random blokes walking down the street. Their "suspicious" behaviour amounted to walking with a motorbike tire and recording equipment (obviously "sinister' " behaviour)

Without giving details as to why or what law they were doing so the men were stopped and searched (see photos) while this reporter was mocked by a Gardai because she wasn't being "paid" to be here today. Nice to see that Gardaí have their priorties set and do their job cause of their strong sense of public duty.........




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