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'The Ruck at the Truck’: Noise Protest Echoes Continue: All The News That Fits: Final Edition

category international | summit mobilisations | feature author Saturday May 08, 2004 06:37author by danny boy Report this post to the editors

' 'Millions' of Wombles to Invade Ireland for 'Cricket' ' Sez Wag

Wombles Panic In Ireland Ahead of The Ashes: Poet begins laying Down Indecipherable Rules for Cricket: Dire Predictions of Millions of English Thugs Determined to Participate.
"The press will naturally organise the pre-game panic, with stories about wombles, and muppets and anarchists coming to spoil the bowling and batting.
But don't be put off.
It will be great.
hip hip hur RA!"

So it's all over and bound for legend. Tired cranky heads everywhere. So what? They tried to scare the biggest self-defined anti-authoritarian series of demonstrations and actions in recent memory off the streets with an orchestrated media/state moral panic and it did not work. That bears repeating - it did not work. They said the 'ruck at the truck' was a big riot and it wasn't. Now nobody is saying there weren't problems but it was a full on, good humoured, confrontational and effective climax to the weekend and the perfect retort to an anti-democratic Government attempting to scare it's own citizens off the streets. The RTS on Monday was the full on pinnacle of what a self-generated free party can be. Bring on the big bad Bush - the State may be cowed but the streets are alive and word travels fast - no matter what the 'Irish' rags tell you in the next few weeks just remember - 'OUR STREETS'!


DGN Accentuate the Positive
"But let’s be clear what has happened so far this weekend. 700 people walked and rode their bikes in the biggest Critical Mass yet on Friday. 200 people joined our "No Borders" morning of street theatre, and upwards of 1000 took part in our "Reclaim the City" actions. And several thousand people made the long walk from O’Connell Street to the Ashtown Roundabout in the face of the biggest security operation, and the biggest campaign of vilification, that many of us have ever seen. There was some pushing, and the Gardai started attacking people. We fell back, and brought everybody back to town (except for the 28 inside), and dispersed safely from O’Connell Street."

Gardai Divert Injured Protesters From Hospitals
Confirmed list of injuries to date
1. One broken arm and three gashed arms that required stitches
2. One broken leg
3. One broken wrist
4. Two head injuries that required stitches
5. Broken fingers
6. One person knocked unconscious by water cannon

Activists Refused Bail
"12 of the 18 male prisoners who were in Cloverhill since Saturday night were remanded in custody by the judge this morning. He refused to grant them bail despite no Garda objections to bail being granted to them."

Whatever happened To The Presumption of Innocence?
DGN expressed concern over comments by Judge Coughlan in the District Court, which appeared to imply a presumption of guilt. In response to defence lawyers' requests for bail on grounds such as impending examinations, disability or the risk of losing employment, the judge repeatedly made comments such as: 'He should have thought of that on Saturday night'. Cox asked: 'Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?'

Rationale for ‘Pushing Bloc’ / Debate
"We feel that it is appropriate on a weekend of demonstrations against borders, to confront the lines of police creating a border between ourselves and those who create the policies which result in the deaths of thousands of desperate people on the borders of Europe, and the internment of many more in detention centres."

Police Provocateurs Bring the Noise?
"Also on the way back from the navan road a middle aged guy with a beige leather jacket was being very confrontational calling us all middle class students born with silver spoons etc.. urging us to go back and fight the gardai. Someone in the crowd claimed he recognized him as a cop and then the crowd all began to shout "Cop Cop Cop" at him. At which point he grabbed one of the crowd by the throat. There was a minor scuffle to separate him and then this guy disappeared. Very strange indeed."

Joe Reads Government the Riot Act
"Did it occur to the Minister that Gardaí may have been facing in the wrong direction on the day? The Government had as its guests the prime ministers of the occupation powers in Iraq which were responsible only five weeks ago for the slaughter of hundreds of women and children in Falluja and for the systematic torture and abuse of prisoners. Did it occur to the Ministers that the Government ought to have directed some gardaí to question these prime ministers about war crimes rather than stuffing them with duck, salmon and Château Lynch Bage?"

Three Sound Systems and Some Disappointed Media at RTS
"A photographer comes and sits beside me. "I wonder if it'll turn violent?" he commented, by way of conversation. I look out at the crowds of people having fun and relaxing in the early summer evening. I sigh and reply, "not likely. And there are more than enough people around here to defuse it if it did anyway." I added that it's a shame there seems to be a general assumption that there will be violence, and that if there is none then that is the exception to the rule. He seemed to take my point."

Other Ways of ‘Giving the Finger’ Better?
"Did anyone ever think of just sitting down and keeping the entire group together, making the Gardai with their water cannons and riot gear look like fools? Sit there and sing them a song or two? I know that is so sickeningly idealistic, but what really did the Wombles do for this protest? It looks good... a bunch of guys and girls marching up unafraid of the Gardai in black and masks like death... it's good media ops as well but is that we want? I marched for a total of eleven hours on Saturday, and threw nothing, did nothing out of the reach of peaceful protest, and so did 1800 other people. It is ridiculous that none of that was shown by the media. That is not our fault but we know how they work; next time don't give them a chance. Isn't it better to humiliate your enemy than to simply give them the finger when you know that have a knife that they can cut it off with?"

‘Put a Gorrilla in a Helmet and Boiler Suit and He’s Stilla Gorrilla’: More Tactics Discussion
"However, those who tried "forcing" their way through the cop lines were nothing more than posturing idiots. Kicking a riot cop's shield may do wonders for your ego, but it does nothing for the innocent bystander who later gets batoned by the riot cop in question. Yes of course in an ideal world the guardians of the peace would be trained in Gandhi-esque patience and innocent bystanders wouldn't get a drubbing, but this is the Irish cops we're talking about - put a gorilla in a helmet and boiler suit and he's still a gorilla. So in effect all the Black Bloc posers did was provoke a hiding for others - not their intention obviously, but not exactly a great way to display concern for your fellow-protestors' wellbeing."

Unity In Diversity
While the guardians of the peace sprayed high pressure water with sand and salt in it, I took solace from the fact that friends were building the future down in the woods.

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May Day '04 March to Farmleigh { photo essay } by redjade
From The Front Lines
This is the real story of the noise demo march today, as refereced by the media and the reality on the ground. Video/Report
Both of these incidents are examples of acts of violence that were completely unwarranted.
IndyVideo - Pictures of the standoff
Tags – ‘Water cannon Chic’

Indymedia Ireland Non Dubbalin Euro Mayday Mayday Reports
Barcelona 1 2
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clare : ecotopia

Poetry Corner:
Watch out you Wombles!

(those few of you who have not already capitulated to our superior technology, indymedia system,
cricket, sense of humour, cryptography, ministry of truth and blogging skills.)
It is only 24 hours since I declared war on the social assemblies of England and their
representatives in Ireland the British Thugs who think to turn water cannon on my little babies.
And you're trounced!
Reclaim Ireland!
If any Womble wishes to Surrender, just make the journey to the border "YOUR BORDER" where
we'll take your posters off you, and do our best to make you fine cricketers, sober, clean, hard-
working, rational, civilised, and trustworthy just like us.
Don't worry you will be treated well, we Irish treat our Prisoners with Honour."

Extra Extra Always Read The Small Print!

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author by Wimbeldon Womblepublication date Fri May 07, 2004 05:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

OK, that's it.
We have had enough of the sarcasm. Everyone knows we can not produce a million Wombles. But do not underestimate us. We are bringing over about 100,000 Wombles for the Bush visit, and we are going to:

That'll fix ye

author by eeekkkkpublication date Fri May 07, 2004 16:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors


author by Save the Shannonpublication date Fri May 07, 2004 17:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There will be resistance to any attempt by the Wombles to drain the Shannon. Fianna Fail will be foremost in that resistance.
Fianna Fail have been sucessful over the past three-quarters of a century in preventing the draining of the Shannon, and a load of anarchists are unlikely to change that.
There will be no welcome in Ireland from Fianna Fail for these 100,000 Wombles.

author by eeeekkkkpublication date Fri May 07, 2004 17:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors





author by loyal ulster wombles of eniskillingpublication date Fri May 07, 2004 20:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

already - the source of the Shannon is in Northern Ireland. It will be diverted to the finer arable land surrounding Loch Neagh, so that afterwards everyone will farm boggy ground, and there'll be no more bad feeling between communities ever, ever, ever.

author by toneorepublication date Sat May 08, 2004 07:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What a load of shit. They're NOT your streets. If 2,000 people are all you can turn out, then you're fucked. It's all over guys, the game is up, you failed, the love parade has been cancelled and the wombles turned out to be a bunch of nancy-boys. so, now you can study for your exams.

author by interesting....publication date Sat May 08, 2004 15:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Same post, two different Indymedia's:

Ireland's debate on the Ashdown May Day scene

UK's debate on the Ashdown May Day scene

author by pcpublication date Sat May 08, 2004 22:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

i gave the homeless money so therefore my opinions are right?

author by Natepublication date Mon May 10, 2004 06:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was always told that the source of the Shannon was Shannon Pot, in Co Cavan. Which, the last time I checked, was neatly situated in the Republic

author by Gaillimhedpublication date Mon May 10, 2004 14:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Tee hee hee,
yeah, the BBC reporters an arse, but he raises one point that i for one would like to see adressed as it is of relevance to the whole perceived image of the 'protester' in irish society..

"anti-globalisation protesters who wandered through the streets swigging from bottles of Heineken and Coca-Cola, those champion lubricants of the wheels of international commerce".

Because this is what people see , and they all see it as HYPOCRISY.
and to be honest it is.

that and the guy with the 'im against everything' placard.
these are the images that people have of us, and in fairness theres a lot of truth in it, i have always been astounded at how politically naive and shortsighted are the very people who shout the loudest against globalisation, poverty, racism, etc etc.

maybe im getting old.

author by RTSer - RTSerpublication date Tue May 11, 2004 20:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I agree with the rest of what you say about the hypocrisy of people protesting against capitalism at the same time wearing Nike runners, but what the hell is your problem with the guy with the placard? This has no relevance to the rest of your very valid arguements.

All he was doing was holding up a placard saying "Whose Streets!?" "Our Streets!" For fuck sake, The whole ethos of the Reclaim The Streets movement. Maybe you don't like him, or the look of him "Gaillimhed"? If that's so then you are very petty and foolish and childish and you debase the rest of your article which contained many fine points.

author by paulcpublication date Tue Sep 07, 2004 20:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

happened across this review of the vectorial elevlations which contrasts that official expression re the EU with the protests

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