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After a long hiatus, the Indymedia collective are trying to re-invigorate our real-world meetings. We plan to have two meetings, the first on Saturday September 16th, the second 3 weeks later, to decide on a number of questions which have been discussed on the editorial lists. The first meeting will be a 'brain-storming' session, the second meeting will accept formal proposals. The agenda is below and all are welcome to this meeting.

agenda items

1) A wider collective. Should important and certain decisions (e.g. defining the role and responsibilities of the editorial group) be taken by a wider collective
2) Women and Indymedia (Originally based on absence of newswire category which has since been introduced, but well worth discussing.)
3) Extending the Imc franchise
4) Definitions of editorship
5) Promoting the Indymedia project
6) Rules for Indymedia email lists (moderation, introductions, etc)

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