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Limerick - Event Notice
Saturday July 21 2007

RESISTANCE comes to Limerick (a forum for young people)

category limerick | anti-capitalism | event notice author Monday July 02, 2007 22:38author by Limerick Socialist Youth - SY & SPauthor email comradecianp at gmail dot comauthor address Limerickauthor phone 086-8064801 Report this post to the editors

Sick of environmental destruction, low pay and poverty? Then Come to RESISTANCE!

On Saturday the 21st of July Socialist Youth will host a forum for young people sick of war, poverty, environmental destruction, low pay, and injustice. There will be debate, discussion, a film showing, food and it is followed by a youth gig with several great local bands.

The ‘festival’ begins at 1pm with a debate between Socialist Youth and the Young PDs on ‘Global Warming, Health Crisis, Poverty: Is the Capitalist Market to blame?’. After this there will be a discussion at 3 on ‘Che Guevara and Struggle for Socialism in Latin America Today’. At 4:30 there the must-see environmental documentary ‘Who killed the electric car?’ will be shown.

All the days events, including the gig, take place upstairs in Riddlers bar on Sarsfield St. Throughout the day there will be a book stall with T-shirts, badges, CDs, DVDs, books, pamphlets and leaflets available.
Come to Resistance!
Come to Resistance!

Sick of war, poverty & climate change?
then come to RESISTANCE!

The huge amount of CO2 put into the atmosphere by factories and power plants is threatening to destroy our environment. Climate Change has already doubled the number of hurricanes. Yet the grip of the oil companies over governments means that the vital investment in renewable energy is not taking place.

The power of the oil companies can also be seen in the invasion of Iraq. It is clear now that this was a war for profit & oil. Big business are exploiting other third world countries too especially in Africa. They suck out all the resources they want and leave the people to starve.

We will be debating about how to stop climate change & poverty in the debate with the young PDs. We will also be screening a must-see film about how car companies ‘killed’ the electric car to protect their profits.

Sick of low pay, health crisis & lack of facilities?
then come to RESISTANCE!

Here in Ireland huge profits are being made as workers wages are being cut. Migrant workers as well as young workers are being paid lower than normal wages, causing a general lowering of all wages. Extreme exploitation of workers on wages as low as €2.20 is now taking place more and more.

As well as low pay in work young people have nothing to do outside of work. Here in Limerick the council has repeatedly refused to build the skate park which has been demanded. The government has refused to properly fund youth facilities and instead punish us (with ASBOs etc) for hanging out on the streets.

We will be discussing the root cause of the ‘race to the bottom’ in the debate over the capitalist market. We will also have a perfect chance to challenge the PDs (ie the government), about the lack of youth facilities.

Interested in Latin America, Socialism?
then come to RESISTANCE!

The logic of running society ‘for profit’ means trampling on the rights of ordinary working people everywhere, in the interest of big business. This makes vital for young people to discuss the alternative and what can we do.

Socialist Youth believe that there is another way, where people come before profit. In Latin America, where big business has been most brutal, workers & young people are providing an alternative. A movement against the rule of profit has been actively built by workers & young people. This movement is challenging big business and capialism and is fighting for a democratic socialist society.

We will have a report & discussion on the struggles in Latin America and the legacy of Che Guevara 40 years after he was murdered.

Related Link: http://www.SocialistYouth.wordpress.com



PDF Document PDF of the leaflet 0.29 Mb

author by Muiris O'Connell - Union of secondary students(uss)publication date Tue Jul 17, 2007 12:55author email muiris.oconnell at uss dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

You may not have heard of the uss but i just happened to come across your website and i am very interested in getting involved with you.
I am from limerick myself and since most of the members of the uss are from dublin, we don't see eye to eye on everything. I would like to go to your convention but unfortunately I am working.

I would appreciate if you emailed me and tell me who ye are and your aims?????
And then maybe we can set up a meeting?????

yours sincerely,
Muiris O'Connell

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author by Socialist Youth - Limerick SYpublication date Wed Jul 18, 2007 11:50author email socialistyouth at hotmail dot comauthor address Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Cork & Galwayauthor phone 086-8064801Report this post to the editors

US Military out of Shannon! -Come to RESISTANCE
The Facts about this War for Oil:

-Over 655,000 Iraqi people and 3,200 US soldiers have died
-80% of Iraqis want the US out of Iraq
-Sectarianism has been fuelled by the occupation
-Over $1.5 trillion spent on the war so far
-Oil companies have made record high profits
A War for Profit and Empire
It is obvious now that the invasion of Iraq was not about WMDs or establishing democracy - it was a brutal war for oil. Now the US and their stooges in the Iraqi government are handing over Iraq’s oil to private oil companies. This privatisation is being opposed by workers throughout Iraq, with a recent strike. This strike shows the potential of Iraqi workers to unite to fight for better conditions, an end to the occupation and an end to the sectarian civil war.

Growing American Anti-War Movement
Across the US school students, young people and workers are building a strong anti-war movement. Now almost 70% of Americans oppose Bush and the war. There is also a growing opposition to the war inside the US Army itself. A strong anti-war movement in the US including strike action and mass protests could bring Bush to his knees, especially if it is linked in with Iraqi workers and trade unions. Such a movement should also fight against the root cause of this war and the poverty in Iraq - the capitalist profit system.

Shannon Airport & Green Party betyrayal
The Irish government is supporting the occupation by allowing the US military refuel in Shannon Airport, and in fact they pay the airport charges for the US. At the same time it is allowing our health service to remain chronically under funded while giving massive tax breaks to big business. A mass movement similar to that in the US needs to be built in Ireland to end this criminal compliance by the Irish government.

The recent decision of the Green Party to go into coalition with Fianna Fail is an absolute disgrace. Their TDs have put their careers before their principles by allowing amongst other things the US to remain in Shannon. This completely demolishes the idea that going into government with right wing parties can achieve effective change. We believe young people must organise and struggle ourselves if we want to see real change.

For a socialist alternative in Iraq & internationally
Socialist Youth fully supports the right of the Iraqi people to resist the occupation of their country. Such a resistance movement needs to unite all of Iraq’s workers and poor in opposition to imperialism and sectarianism in their country. A resistance movement such as this can fight for a democratic socialist Iraq where its vast resources are owned, controlled and utilised in the interests of working people.

If you are interested in these ideas then come to RESISTANCE this Saturday from 1pm.

(Similar events through out the country)

Bush and Bertie, sitting in a tree.....
Bush and Bertie, sitting in a tree.....

A chance to challenge the PDs and the Government's support for the war
A chance to challenge the PDs and the Government's support for the war

"Just vote for who ever you want..."
"Just vote for who ever you want..."

All welcome - similar events in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast
All welcome - similar events in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast

PDF Document PDF of the leaflet about the occupation etc 0.29 Mb

Related Link: http://www.SocialistYouth.wordpress.com
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