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Stand up for Gay Rights! – Join in Belfast Pride Celebrations

category antrim | rights, freedoms and repression | press release author Wednesday July 23, 2008 02:05author by Glor na nÓg - Ógra Shinn Féinauthor email osfnational at yahoo dot ie Report this post to the editors

The Belfast Pride Festival begins this Saturday 26 July, lasting a week and culminating with a huge march through Belfast City Centre on Saturday 2 August, assembling at Customs House Square @ 12noon.

The march attracted record numbers last year with over 6500 in attendance, each participant supporting the rights of the local gay community and the core premises of the international gay pride movement.

Other highlights of the festival include the Amnesty International lecture by human rights and gay rights activist Peter Thatchell, and a ‘Pride Talks Back’. All events and further information can be viewed at

Encouraging maximum turnout for the Belfast pride events, National Organiser of Ógra Shinn Féin, Barry McColgan said,

“The gay community are an integral part of Irish society, and the Belfast pride festival, which continues to grow year on year, has become a hugely positive and productive community event.”

“Ógra Shinn Féin are urging maximum attendance at this year's pride events, to demonstrate solidarity with the gay community, and to stand up for their rights, in the face of discrimination, attacks and the deeply offensive and insulting remarks from Iris Robinson.”

“Stand up for human rights on Saturday 2 August, celebrate diversity, and send a message out loud and clear that bigotry will be overcome, and an Ireland of equals achieved.”

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author by RogerCpublication date Wed Jul 23, 2008 15:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In the light of recent attacks both physical, and in the media from Ms Robinson etc, I think that all fair minded and resonable people should make an extra effort to support this years march.

author by michael donaldson - nonepublication date Wed Jul 23, 2008 18:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

i would like to say to all they gay community in northern ireland that the vast majority of the province support you regardless of colour creed or sexual orientation.take strength from the overwhelming postings in the belfast telegrarh to date almost three hunderd from as far away as china. northern ireland has had enough of this d.u.p.religiuos reteric. paisley got away with it for years way back when people wer niave frightened and ignorant of the unknown ru-nour mongering and fear of the unknown is what they built there power base on .at the end of the day bully boys are weak individuals who perform the big mouth act but it doesnt work it never did.(HITLER FOUND THAT OUT) and the iris disease will cause the downfall of all those religious fascists.face them down have no fear they are in the minority.enjoy reading the postings and have a wonderfull festival

author by barry - nonepublication date Thu Jul 24, 2008 09:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

hello everyone out there, well she has done it again!(but lets not be fooled by all this) there is a hidden agenda(dont tell me she is a loose cannon inthe dup thats ballicks) she was told what to say by her wicked clever cunning fascist you really think that the pair of them dont have pillow talk at least? do you think she doesnt seek approval from him? she is a subserviant woman he is an alpha male.(just look at the body language when thir to-gether he ignores her and she looks at him just like a puppy looks ar iits master for approval.everytime he speaks she nodes in approval. if he said the pope was gay she would npd just like the toy puppies that you seen in cars years ago. so who is kidding who? this is not about gay bashing 9THIS IS ABOUT TOTALITERISM when hitler set out his stall he chose minority groups to persecute ie. jewsand gays.this was because in both instances he was able to cheery oick scriptures from the bible and slot them in to suit any argument knowing that the minority would or couldnt fight back and the majority theleemings would say well if its in the scriptures it must be right.and if he knows the scriptures and is able to interpret them he must be right! mouslini used the same techniqe inn italy(he simply saw how well it was working for hitler so he picked the catholic community of italy. then we have rev ian paisley when he started out in the sixties his minority group target was the cival rights movement/and the catholic community.and the masses followed as before saying well he is quoting the scriptures he must be right and he knows the bibble so he must be a good and holy man. then there is george bush(well we will leave that for another day) so there you have it folks good old fascism is alive and well and so easy to learn just follow hitlers guide to armeggon and read the instructions following them to the end dont falter (it always works) until of coarse you get caught out because out of fascicm comes megalamania.hitler developed it as did mouslini paisley bush mugaba phil pot but to mention a now its the turn of the robinson clan.stand up to them folks just as before history will show they can be defeated have a lovely festival

author by old christian straight personpublication date Thu Jul 24, 2008 19:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Robinson is more a sectarian than a Christian - yer man Christ preached tolerance - the Good Samaritan story is about rather more than the people from Samaria.

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