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Health care or Health Scare

category national | irish social forum | opinion/analysis author Wednesday October 01, 2008 00:54author by TGH Frequent Visitor - Taxpayers of Ireland

Whats going on here at Kerry General Hospital?

Very little by the look of it... The services in Kerry General are pathetic. The staffing levels are completely inadequate and its embarrassing to see the lack of dignity on show sometimes. Virtually all departments are completely under staffed and cant deliver the basics. It appears that budgets are more important than patients in this establishment. So much so that, staffing levels are more weighted towards the drugs invoices than the drugs themselves.

Do people normally have to wait five hours plus, to meet some poor doctor, with scant english, who's been on duty for the last sixty hours. The patients rate this facility as a dump. it constantly fails its audits and I would prefer to substantiate a lot of the comments I've had about the management and their antics. The place is seemingly victorian in its faculties and thinking. I'll dig some more and see what surfaces. Such a pity as I know some fine people working there.

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