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Thursday January 01 1970

Limerick Socialist Party Organise Election Fundraiser

category limerick | elections / politics | event notice author Monday September 27, 2010 13:02author by Limerick Socialist Partyauthor email limericksocialist at gmail dot com

This Thursday September 30th, the Socialist Party in Limerick is organising a table quiz night as part of a broader schedule events to raise funds for a political challenge to the establishment parties in the upcoming general election.

Speaking about the event Cian Prendiville, representative of the Socialist Party in Limerick, said “The Limerick Socialist Party has an unmatched record over the past decade-and-a-half of supporting communities and workers in struggle and led the campaigns to save St. John’s A&E, fight the bin tax and now the reintroduction of water charges. We have also played a leading role in the anti-war movement and in campaigning against both Lisbon referendums.

“As the crisis worsens and unemployment deepens, the very real need for a genuine political alternative to the establishment parties’ policies of cuts and bailouts is clear. The Socialist Party and its supporters reject the idea that working class people should pay for the crisis the bankers and developers caused, and it is important that this opposition is registered by putting forward a clear left and socialist alternative in the next general election in Limerick.”

Encouraging people to come and bring a table, Mr Prendiville explained, “The Socialist Party does not accept donations from big business as a point of principle, we rely on events like these and the support of ordinary working people and communities to help us fund our work. If people agree with the need to oppose the right-wing consensus of cuts and austerity, we hope they will support us by bringing a team and inviting their friends.”

The table quiz will take place in the Horse and Hound on Mulgrave St this Thursday at 8pm. The cost is €5 unwaged/ €10 waged per person, with tables of four people. You can prebook by emailing or by contacting us on 085-1465911 but people should feel welcome to show up on the night as well.

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