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Irish Premier of Documentary From Gaza: Inshallah

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with live link up to Gaza for Q&A after screening

Tues 9th November at The Town Hall Theatre at 8pm

A new documentary from Gaza directed by Maurice Jacobsen who has been working there for the last year. 'The goal of the project is to show western audiences Gaza as a society that is diverse, intelligent, hard working and creative”, says Maurice, “at the same time it is a community that is deeply troubled, living under a complete political, economic and military siege.”

The documentary will be followed by a live two-way Q&A session at the conclusion of each screening between locals audiences and members of the Gazan community from the studios of the Media Group, Gaza City. These discussions will be videotaped for inclusion on the project’s companion web site and will be incorporated into the final edit of the documentary. During these sessions no question will be off limits and an opened dialogue will be encouraged.

Irish coordinator for the Free Gaza Movement, Niamh Moloughney is part of this production team, "I'm delighted to be screening this documentary which gives us a tour of Gaza & it's creative community. Part of the documentary follows the Freedom Flotilla from the Gaza side, Maurice assisted me while in Gaza getting the cargo from the Rachel Corrie to the various schools & groups it was intended for, the 550 tonns of cement sent from Ireland has only just been released from Israel & is going to help rebuild some of the 200 United Nations schools destroyed or damaged nearly 2 years ago. The live link up provides us with another way to break the siege & isolation of Gaza."

The documentary has just begun screenings and is embarking on an international tour with planned stops in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, US and returning to Gaza in the spring.

All Welcome/ Join us!

Video clips for Inshallah: a video journey across the Gaza Strip

and the chapters for the last years work on vitmo

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