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Thursday January 01 1970

Table Quiz ( SP/ULA election fund raiser)

category galway | politics / elections | event notice author Friday February 11, 2011 18:39author by Conor Burke - Socialist Party (Galway)author email conorburke78 at gmail dot comauthor phone 0861729599

Table Quiz in aid of the Socialist Party / united left alliance election campaign .

place: Red Square Bar , Foster Street , Galway

When: thursday febuary 17th @ 8pm

how much ? : 10 per head (waged), 5 (students & unwaged)

Who? : max 4 persons per table . all welcome

Help get real fighters into the dail , FF, FG ,Labour etc have all signed up to a minimum 4 year programme of cuts and continued austerity . they are committed to bailing out banks and making ordinary working people pay for the crisis that was created by bankers,developers, speculators and bond holders . they will sacrifice ordinary citizens and our public services on the alter of the international financial markets all for the purpose resurrecting their failed economic system . We need committed activists in the dail to fight them at every turn as well as building a mass force of opposition on the streets that will fight against the further attacks that are coming down the line, such as water charges, and the housing tax etc.. The Socialist Party and the United Left Alliance do not take donations from business as a matter of principal and all our elected representatives receive only the average industrial wage , the organisation is run solely through members subscriptions , donations from the public and fund raising events such as this one . So please give us your support and come along for an evening of fun and brain teasing excitement

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