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Boston bombing in perspective

category international | anti-war / imperialism | opinion/analysis author Tuesday April 16, 2013 02:46author by fred

Today, for a brief moment, America knows how awful it feels to live in one of the states they have invaded or that they have helped reduce to sectarian nightmares with imported jihadist mercenaries, CIA advisors, funds and weaponry, such as Iraq, Syria or Libya, where explosions like this occur every other day

"144 wounded, including 15 critical. 3 dead so far in boston bombing"
Yes it was certainly a very tragic and terrible event. No doubt about that.

However, this stuff happens in Afghanistan / Iraq / Libya every other week.

For example, yesterday in Iraq:
"Black Monday in Iraq: 55 killed, almost 300 injured in series of attacks"

But then...those are just poor brown people, not American citizens, so they don't really count do they?

And needless to say, this potential epiphany will be lost on a sleepwalking US population.

Expect US government to dust off some previously written plans to invade someone else, probably someone with oil or strategic value.

The reality is it's probably home grown anti government sentiment that drove this.

After all, it is the anniversary of WACO and it's also TAX DAY

WSWS has a preliminary article here:

However, there will be much more on this as it saturates the airwaves in the coming week, while people die in droves in Africa, India and the middle east, with barely a murmur. Also expect hypocrisy on what constitutes terrorism. Watch the MSM gloss over the continuing financial and logistical support of self declared Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria, vs terrorists who dare to do exactly the same thing on US soil

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