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People were told to follow the money but I followed the truth.

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Sunday November 03, 2019 07:50author by Anthony Ravlich - Human Rights Council (New Zealand)Report this post to the editors

Follow the truth.

In my view, we are in a period of transition from domination by collectives, with many women including feminists and radical Maori aligned with left so-called liberals (fake liberals) to the more independently-minded chosen according to merit. Independence of mind is truly hated in today's world..This article provides a brief description of my chapter on New Zealand in my recent book. NZ followed a UN agenda aiming for a decline in western culture and global freedom.

People were told to follow the money but I followed the truth. I am a human rights author (two books), activist and outsider (27 years) from Auckland, New Zealand. In my view, we are in a period of transition from domination by collectives, with many women including feminists and radical Maori aligned with left so-called liberals (fake liberals) to the more independently-minded chosen according to merit.

This requires some detachment from the United Nations which my recent book (see below) shows has supported the collectives globally to greater sovereignty among nations.

In my view, in today’s world independence of mind is truly hated. Societies are invariably dominated by collectives while the more independent people are oppressed. My recent book shows New Zealand is no different and, in my view, perhaps worse.

My book was written as an outsider so I had an independence of mind which is very rare in New Zealand and I was very much hated by the dominant elite, left so-called liberals, and collectives generally. It meant I have been persona non grata virtually since the time I began promoting human rights in 1991. Also I believe I have been subjected to financial sanctions throughout. In my view, the collectives as individuals invariably lack the courage of their convictions and avoid the more independently minded outside the establishment like the plague.

Although chapter one of my book contains UN decisions of truly momentous global importance which the global mainstream media refused to report the following is a general description of what the chapter on New Zealand is about (I exclude significant sections in the chapter on Maori tribalism perhaps requiring another article and the rebuilding of Christchurch following major earthquakes).

The human rights omissions at the UN (generally reflected in national constitutions – in NZ, the bill of rights act 1990) which I list in my book aim to rid the world of independent minds – all people are to be ideologically controlled under a one-world government. For a far more detailed account people will just have to read the book which after 2 ½ years has finally been accepted by New Zealand libraries.

I consider the dominant elite are a left social class of so-called liberals (fake liberals) who took over from the classical liberals in 1984 who promoted the independence of thought which, in my view, forged new paths into the future leading to the dominance of western civilization. The fake liberals were very different from a traditional NZ labor party but few New Zealanders realized how different. They can be likened to the social classes that exist in Britain where they are openly acknowledged but in the Anglo countries (New Zealand, America, Canada, Australia) social class is not talked about. Invariably people just thought the 1984 Labour Party was a continuation of traditional labor parties.

It is obvious from my book that the fake liberals in all countries are following a UN agenda which seeks the decline of western civilization and global freedom allowing for the rise of totalitarian, oppressive states and tribalism.

I was working in the NZ Justice Department in the early nineteen eighties and witnessed the selection of bureaucrats for the ‘deep state’ who would eventually play a very important role in crushing the potential of New Zealanders primarily by the purging of the ‘best and brightest’ and therefore any independence of thought.

The left so-called liberals are a social class who act as a collective so hate independence of thought. They also discriminate on the grounds of social class and, in my view, are utterly obsessed with control over all aspects of society to rid society of independent minds. I found that for the fake liberals truth was virtually irrelevant – all that really mattered was image i.e. looking good.

Apart from the very rare exception academics as well as the rest of the establishment are virtually all captured by neoliberalism and globalization (created by the UN human rights omissions). They are extremely restricted in the seeking of truth. On certain matters, they all have to think the same. While the bottom-line of the fake liberals is class loyalty they managed to gain the support of the great majority of States at the UN seemingly eager to see the decline of western culture by eliminating the independence of thought which totalitarian, repressive States and tribalism hate. The decline of the west would also result in a decline in global freedom allowing for the rise of totalitarian and repressive States.

While at the individual level these fake liberals generally got by with people but as a collective their effect on NZ was devastating. They permeate virtually all aspects of NZ society promoting the UN agenda. Illustrating New Zealand’s abject obedience to the UN agenda former NZ PM Helen Clark was third in charge of the UN for about eight years (2009 to 2017) in her position as head of the United Nations Development Program.

I show how the UN agenda was reflected in virtually all national constitutions – in NZ the bill of rights act 1990. In chapter one of my book I show how the UN wrongfully replaced individual self-determination with collective self-determination under international human rights law which led to societies dominated by collectives while the more independent people were oppressed.

Globally the money seems to have become a god for people but this is not new in history. Simon and Garfunkel sang The Sound of Silence – ‘And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made’ . It was first written by Paul Simon in 1964 in the aftermath of 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. Where did Paul Simon’s vision come from? Without independence of mind surely no such genius would be possible.

I consider people, including New Zealanders, have been thoroughly indoctrinated (for example, I describe the divide and rule of the fake liberals in my book) into attributing their oppression to the one percent, the corporations and the banks, in fact, my book shows, in my view, conclusively that the huge gap between rich and poor can be explained by human rights which determine the ‘rules of the game’ i.e. neoliberalism and globalization. Although behind the scenes wealth would almost certainly enable particularly right-wing politics to exert enormous influence this is very difficult to prove. But what can be proved i.e. what can be seen, is the considerable majority of States at the UN voting to omit human rights creating neoliberalism and globalization to eradicate independence of thought globally. And, in my view, the latter is all that one really needs to know to explain the enormous gap between rich and poor.

In my book I stated that I considered it virtually indisputable that the bill of rights was hijacked ‘by and for’ a left minority of Members of Parliament (all labor MPs) and passed by only 36% of MPs.

The bill of rights was then driven by the bureaucrats i.e. those specially selected (see above), behind closed doors so if your human rights were omitted you were overlooked. Two most obvious examples were children’s rights and family rights which were excluded in the bill of rights so their rights were overlooked resulting in high levels of child poverty and domestic violence.

Individual self-determination was omitted so small entrepreneurs could not challenge bureaucratic red tape which suppressed small business (I describe the latter in three countries, New Zealand, America and Bangladesh) while the bill of rights permitted affirmative action (Section 19(2)) for those perceived as victims such as women and Maori who generally replaced the most intelligent. And following the UN agenda seeking the decline of western culture, the collectives targeted intelligent white males to be overlooked. I consider the latter severely dumbed down the population creating a less than mediocre professional class seemingly incapable of challenging their leadership. By contrast, the classical liberals prior to 1984 had ensured a meritocracy which enabled independence of mind and upward mobility. I see the next step of the fake liberals is to eliminate meritocracy from the independent sector to enable their complete control and completely eliminating independence of thought throughout New Zealand.

Social class discrimination was omitted in the bill of rights which permitted discrimination against the working class and also helped create the underclass while with the fake liberals taking over the mainstream media those perceived as a threat to their dominance were excluded from having a voice nullifying the right to freedom of expression (Section 14) in the bill of rights for many of those outside the establishment often the more independently minded. I describe in considerable detail the low cunning and gross deceit involved in the crushing of New Zealand’s potential.

Because someone has to be held to account for the gross human rights abuses involved (see below) I hold Sir Geoffrey Palmer (the PM and architect of the bill of rights) and Helen Clark (the deputy PM at the time) to account.

In June 2010 I appeared in the Auckland High Court after making a stand on principle. I described to the High Court Judge Lyn Stevens a New Zealand tragedy with a larger underclass created a consequence of social class discrimination. The Judge agreed with my account asking me why I had not informed New Zealand earlier although he was aware I was amongst those who had been so brutally oppressed and it took time for me to be able to properly articulate what had happened and how. I was convinced that no one was meant to be able to survive the ordeal with their sanity intact and able to articulate what had happened (I thank God I manage to survive to tell the story). In my view, apart from the underclass many ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems.

I spent years trying to tell New Zealanders what was happening ringing talkback up to five times a week writing numerous articles, writing a book, helping to start a new political party (the Human Rights Party, unregistered), but the fake media ensured I got no publicity in the mainstream media. The latter was also the case in 1991 when I made a stand on principle and threw a brick through the employment service in Christchurch protesting against the severe benefit cuts which I considered violated international human rights law (I was supported by the NZ Human Rights Commission and a lecturer in Constitutional Law at Canterbury University). In both my court appearances the fake media refused to explain the reasons for my actions. I was a voice in the wilderness and despite having two books published by reputable American publishers, I still am. By and large, people are only interested in money not human rights but by understanding the language of the elites I have shown how fraudulent they are and how problems such as neoliberalism and globalization can be corrected by including the omitted human rights in international and domestic human rights law i.e. the NZ bill of rights. In my book, I promote an ethical bill of rights which would include all the omitted human rights.
New Zealanders were severely dumbed down ensuring that there would be very little challenge to government policies. Enormous numbers of New Zealanders (brains and brawn) left the country. That many included our ‘best and brightest’ is clearly shown by the statistics of Kea New Zealand.

Kea New Zealand is a global network, which is largely government-funded, with a membership of half a million expat New Zealanders.

Kea Global Chief Executive, Craig Donaldson, said it was estimated that there are one million Kiwis [brains and brawn] living overseas. He added that ‘New Zealand has the highest proportion of highly skilled workers based offshore of any country in the OECD…’ (p153 of my book, see below).

That the ‘best and the brightest’ seemed to be the major target in New Zealand can be seen from the survey findings of Kea New Zealand ‘Every Kiwi Counts 2011’ and other authoritative surveys.

Kea New Zealand’s on-line survey of over 15,000 New Zealanders living offshore states: ‘Only 1% of overseas Kiwis say they have no formal qualifications, compared with nearly one quarter (24%) of New Zealand residents who say the same’ (p154).

Ethical human rights: Freedom’s Great Hope (American Academic Press, 2017), Ethical Human Rights My home phone is (0064) (09) 9409658; my mobile is 0226986063.

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