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The Saker
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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

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Demoncide & Tachanka

category international | crime and justice | other press author Thursday February 23, 2023 21:28author by INCotp - International Nations Court of the People Report this post to the editors

We the People Must Make the Necessary Changes

We must keep working to stop America from being destroyed from within. To stop the cesspool so called American Government?, from destroying us too. That is what real men and women do in these situations, not just constantly complain about it. Here is a situation where actions say far more than any words. Especially form all who know and or claim to know what and where the problems are. We don’t wait for government to fix it, we fix it ourselves.

February 22st 2023

International Nations Court of the people
Office of the Citizens Prosecutor
EMAIL: otp@hidefrom.us

We are – Tachanka, the idea of providing technical services to emancipatory projects and groups of political change.

Do the search and research for any and all the confirmed truth below, do not use Google. Google is the enemy!!! Use one of these: DuckDuckGo, Swisscows, Gibiru, Qwant, YaCy, Mojeek, Brave Search, Searx [Google sometimes blocks SearX,]

How about this here: Huh? Dutch (Netherlands) data CONFIRMS what we knew, what Ioannidis (Stanford) documented in 2020, what I, Oskoui, Risch, McCullough, Tenenbaum wrote in AIER 2020/2021, young had near zero COVID risk. Near zero risk for severe outcome or death, we were clear & data was clear yet we locked down the healthy & well, the younger, middle aged, kids, while still failing to protect the vulnerable elderly. Yet and still UCSF is in the business of murdering people, mainly babies.

Whatever government does at this point in time, is far, far, far, too little, and too late, and for these reasons. We the People who are not part of this Washington D.C. pedophilia universe, must rebuild America holding strongest to the protection of children. What is called U.S. government, is far too thoroughly, profoundly, drenched in pedophilia, that will not be rooted out, by that same government, where either being actively involved, or complicit in allowing this to continue is regulation. The only people who can root that out to a much greater degree, maybe to any degree, creating much stronger protections for children, are We the People. Washington D.C. will fight us for doing so. If that statement were not true, the United States of America, could not and would not already be the #1 destination in the world for pedophilia. All compliments of the United States Government at many levels.

We the People create a political system where, each politician is to receive only the minimum wage for the state they represent, no special interest groups, no lobbyist, no mainstream media involvement, we would end up with people who can relate to the vast majority of people living in America. We, more than likely, very well will end up with only the people who have that interest as their only goal. It is difficult to believe politicians have and can have a view that is of the greatest benefit to the people, when all have made a great portion of their living off the peoples taxes. In this changed system, when the politician have completed their term, they return to a life that is among the general public, they, these politicians claim to represent. While in office, they, the politicians must live among the general public they claim to represent, no secret service, no special protections, they, the politicians must live with the same protections that we, the general public are told we have. Nothing makes you, the politicians that special, except for a self inflated sense of importance. If you were capable of getting to that kind of basics, you would know that to be true. You can not, due to the amount of wrong that has been done, by both parties, to the people of America, here, at home. That is one of the greatest reasons you feel you need those protections, you are truly that cesspool which is so deep and rotten, that the only way to get rid of it is to have it all rooted out.

NEVER AGAIN IS NOW, speaks to far more than just Covid-19, it speaks of getting rid of the current pretend government. Most of us are just sick of it all. We are not democrat, republican, we are Americans, We are coming together under the umbrella of children first, and protection for all children first PERIOD. Even in that, we are finding great opposition. Just another reason to be sure this pretend Washington D.C. Government is rooted out. It is a complete impossibility for this total and fake U.S. Government to have gotten this far off base without the involvement of both parties, members of both parties being on the take constantly and continually Government officials know that far better than we do. Plus the lucrative mainstream media contracts to promote an agenda. That, it does not take to promote the grand simplicity of just being an American with child safety as the most important goal. This way, we can only have a system that takes care of home first.

There is so much good and truly great that can easily be achieved if we were in the 100% promotion of the safety of children first. Instead, and rightly so, by that cesspool, so much time has to, and needs to be spent on events that have created that cesspool, a filthy, disgusting, and morally corrupt place, which is so deep and rotten, that the only way to get rid of it, is to have it all rooted out. All of mainstream media panders to one side or the other instead of calling it exactly what it is.

As our numbers grow, as we continue to rebuild America, it must be with that in mind. We must keep working to stop America from being destroyed from within. To stop the cesspool so called American Government?, from destroying us. That is what real men and women do in these situations, not just constantly complain about it. Here is a situation where actions say far more than any words. Especially form all who know and or claim to know what and where the problems are. We don’t wait for government to fix it, we fix it ourselves.

Let alone the fact that can very easily be proven, that there has never ever been presented any data that proves the existence of Covid-19. This is a great example of: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Norman Lewis Torrey – that quote attributed to Voltaire, was translated into English by Norman lewis Torrey. Below is the Norman Lewis Torrey longer version. The Torrey shorter version is the underlined portion. This is the one I like better. Torrey describes more to the point what San Francisco government and the vast majority of the general population is. As well as what D.C. Government is, and why it must be rooted out completely.

You believe things that are incomprehensible, inconsistent, impossible because we have commanded you to believe them; go then and do what is injust because we command it. Such people show admirable reasoning. Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. If the God‐​given understanding of your mind does not resist a demand to believe what is impossible, then you will not resist a demand to do wrong to that God‐​given sense of justice in your heart. As soon as one faculty of your soul has been dominated, other faculties will follow as well. Now newspapers in California are praising California for being the first to be that kind of injust in the name of something that there has never been presented any date to prove it has existed, that can only mean that all the deaths attributed to Covid-19, were and still are unnecessary.

Based on all the information that has come fourth, from all the highly respected individuals who were blocked from this conversation, by all mainstream and social media, every death related to Covid-19, and the bio-weapons jabs, must be considered a murder by monsters. If not, there would have never been any need for such blockage. California is the biggest promoter of this war on the American people. There are many others states, however California is the biggest promoter. Concerning this matter, the movie “Idiocrasy” is a more than perfect description of the city of San Francisco.

Covid-19 test kits were developed all over the world in 2017. That make all this per-meditated, proven, again.
https://dainikbidyaloy.com/2023/02/20/12-year-old-new-jersey-boy-dies-suddenly-during-football-practice/ click on to read article…https://thetimeisnownews.press/2023/02/20/https-dainikbidyaloy-com-2023-02-20-12-year-old-new-jersey-boy-dies-suddenly-during-football-practice-click-on-to-read-article/ Everyday now, many truth such as this are happening, and completely ignored by all California mainstream media, and of course California government, medical/murder profession and more. For adults to completely ignore this, when these murders due to the covid-19 bio-weapons jabs are happening at an extremely excessive rate, and to children, they are all murderers and monsters. Know your California government for exactly what they are.

-As predicted, Big Pharma has gotten what it wanted all along, even though it appears to be a breach of the law. And now one of our most vulnerable population groups will pay the price of Pharma's success in a horrifying way. Will this be the straw that finally wakes people up? You are better off no t trusting anyone in government, well knowing that - More than two-thirds of Congress cashed a pharma campaign check in 2020, new STAT analysis shows. Check any of these titles, these proclamations, you will find them at many resources. >20X increase in perinatal death rate at funeral home used by UCSF in H2 2022

The hospitals aren't talking, so I will. I just talked to a funeral home used by UCSF. The funeral home's rates of perinatal deaths were up over 20X above normal in H2 2022. We have been calling UCSF a monster muder machine long befor this article. Ow we have confirmation, It is not just a medical monster murder machine it is a bay murder monster machine. A modern day extermination camp. You do the search for these titles, and you will find them at many places. We have discussed this and believe this is now the accepted standard for all hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area. Most of the population in the San Francisco Bay Area are so very lethargic brained, and incapable of common sense reason. Or just afraid to move out of that state, because to do so would mean that these individuals were so easily fooled, and they would rather remain in that state, for to accept the real data, would mean to take some responsibility for allowing all these murders to happen. There were those people who, when discovering what Hitler had done, and how they, the general population, many of whom who were not Third Reich Party people, come to grips with what they had blindly participated in, could not live with that, and killed themselves, some by hanging. The people here seem to be happy just to allow these murders to continue, just as long as they do not have to entertain any possibility they they too are responsible. Or just to continue to receive a paycheck.

When people from California and especially the San Francisco Bay Area move to your state, keep in mind, these are people who, when shit hit the fan, they RAN!!!!!!!!! Did not see the importance of taking a stand and fighting. Do you really think they would have you back if the shit hit the fan where you are, or would they just run again?????

132 Canadian doctors SHOCKINGLY died suddenly since COVID-19 vaccine rollout yet CMA & provincial governments refuse to pay attention to deadly COVID shots with 53% excess mortality; CENSORED??? These doctors could not have been all too bright. We know of a bunch of homeless people who are brighter than that, bright enough to know enough not to let that jab be placed in them. If that is what the medical profession is turning out today, well, just another great reason to put far less trust in that profession.

Again: How about this here: Huh? Dutch (Netherlands) data CONFIRMS what we knew, what Ioannidis (Stanford) documented in 2020, what I, Oskoui, Risch, McCullough, Tenenbaum wrote in AIER 2020/2021, young had near zero COVID risk
Near zero risk for severe outcome or death, we were clear & data was clear yet we locked down the healthy & well, the younger, middle aged, kids, while still failing to protect the vulnerable elderly. Yet and still UCSF is in the business of murdering people, mainly children.

Dr. Theresa Long medical officer of the US military “I have so many soldiers being destroyed by this COVID mRNA technology vaccine. Not a single member of my senior command has discussed my
concerns"; I have nothing to gain & all to lose talking about it...I am watching people get absolutely destroyed.”; deaths of military members from the vaccines exceeds deaths from COVID virus.

There are millions, upon millions more that concretely prove Fuci and company are completely 100% guilty, yet our government refuses to convict and had to them the harshest punishment in all aspects, ever meted out to anyone in history. That can only be because the U.S. Government along with many other governments are just as guilty.

This same government had people beat up, tazed, jailed, threatened with prison time, murdered, yes murdered, just for telling the truth, about Covid-19 and the Covid-19 bio-weapon injections, and telling that truth to may elected officials, better known as public serpents. All the while much of the information that this posed no threat, has been known since 2020. That is when we knew it. Still those who are truly monsters and murders get to walk free. WAKE UP AMERICA, WE HAVE NO GOVERNMENT, THE ONLY GOVERNMENT WE HAVE IS WE THE PEOPLE. THE ONLY GOVERNMENT WE HAVE IS WE THE PEOPLE.

I can go on and list more information from the gold standard of all medical and scientific research, all will come to the same conclusion, that there was and now is even less than a near zero risk for severe outcome or death. At this point, NOT getting rid of anything related to Covid-19 is continuing the lie, continuing the murders. If there were any shared of truth, to abound in what some still claim, in the U.S. Government, there would have already been a campaign to dispelling every lie told by that same thing that some people stupidly still call a U.S. Government. We the People must band together and get the justice we deserve from those who have waged a war against the people of America. We are already in World War Three. Using a biological weapon on people of the world is an act of war. We know who many of the criminals are. There is nothing else left for us to do other than have them convicted, given the most horrible sentencing ever in history, and before that happens, have everything they own confiscated and given the people who have lost business, family members, that for starters.


These videos are just one of the reasons why we must punish everyone involved in creating and administering the greatest act of genocide and crimes against humanity with death, confiscation of everything they have, everything they own. All of this was created just to murder people and especially children. The government of the state of California and many others are deserving of a horrible death, that includes 100% of the government of San Francisco. The homeless population is not the problem, they don’t set out to murder innocent people, and then reach that goal while constantly appearing on television as if they are some representation of anything good, or that resembles anything good. Call those people who have been and still are in the business of creating these murders exactly them what they are. MONSTERS!!!!!

Here is much more proof. Gavin Newsom and the government of California and here in San Francisco have passed laws which support the genital mutilation of children, the sexual abuse of children and the continued murdering of people and children. Here I had hoped to place and ad from the California Department of Public Health, and ad fully in support of these continued MONSTER murders, well knowing that 90% of the deaths caused by vaccinations since 1990, have happened in the past two years, AND CONTINUING, FOR YEARS TO COME. Do the search and research and you will locate that information also. VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service is a great place to begin on this search and research. The one and only reason to keep this kind of promotion and anything associated with Covid-19 protocols is to commit more murders!!!!! California does not have a government, we have MONSTERS, San Francisco does not have a government, We have only MONSTERS. These are the real MONSTERS of California. They need to be eliminated!!!!! Show no respect for them at all. Show no respect for those MONSTERS of you town, city, state who have done the same. However, place all that anger into having them properly prosecuted, then executed. There is no California Department of Public Health, on a California Department of Public Death. The hospitals here are nothing but concentration camp indoctrination centers. We go after them all, call all of them out!!!!! That means U.S. government too!!!! WE THE PEOPLE MUST DAILY CALL THEM ALL OUT, REBUILD AMERICA, WHILE WORKING RELENTLESSLY TO HAVE THEM PROSECUTED AND EXECUTED.


Because of propaganda churned out by corporate media some people still live in fear of “the virus.” Those individuals cannot be helped. There are plenty of those individuals in San Francisco. Most of the population.

There are no crimes worse than these, yet, the government of California refuse to address them, when they, the government of California, the greatest murders of the people of the state of California in recorded history. Just as it is important that we do not let Fauci and company get away, it is equally important that we not lest these indivduals escape there deserved punishment also. That must be for all states in America, where idividuals, who should know better, have participated in thece Covid-19 lies and Covid-19 bio-weapons jabs.

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